May 28, 2024

China goes back into lockdowns in quest for the mythical zero COVID


TOPSHOT - Workers are seen wearing protective clothes next to some lockdown areas after the detection of new cases of covid-19 in Shanghai on March 14, 2022 (Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP) (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

51 million Chinese are once again locked down after a new surge in cases, which according to Chinese officials, was caused by B.2, also known as “stealth Omicron”. The report on this was written by Eva Fu and was published by The Epoch Times last March 14, 2022.

According to the report, Shenzhen, Dongguan City, and Jilin province were ordered into lockdown. Lei Zhenglong, the vice director for the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention, said that the outbreaks are still “accelerating speed” in some districts.

Editor’s Note: If China’s strategy in controlling COVID was so effective, then why are they still experiencing these outbreaks?

Why is COVID not eradicated in their borders and why are countries which used to implement COVID-zero are now abandoning this approach, and are now reopening their borders? Why does China insist that zero-COVID will work? [See Singapore Abandons Zero COVID Strategy, Battling Delta, New Zealand Abandons Its Zero-Covid Ambitions, South Korea shifts pandemic policy to focused protection].

We hope that countries have learned their lessons. May they start recognizing their errors and may lockdowns never be implemented in our borders ever again.

We hope that people also have learned to see the truth. The fact that the two-week lockdown in March 2020 failed, and that it has led to so many unintended consequences in terms of economy, mental health, general wellbeing, and children’s development should make our leaders think twice about using this non-pharmaceutical intervention. [Not to mention the fact that the science is now unanimous in saying that lockdowns failed, see Sweden: The Disaster That Never Came, SAGE adviser: Lockdowns can no longer be justified, Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis destroys the Covid lockdown narrative, More people died in states which locked down than those which did not. Also, read Will the real WHO please stand up? to understand that there never was any scientific reason for implementing lockdowns].

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