April 17, 2024

PfizerGate Scandal: The Worldwide Cover-up of Data to Hide Covid-19 Vaccines Cause VAIDS 


The Expose team has again proven how keen they are with the COVID-19 scamdemic investigation.  In this article published on February 17, 2022, in The Expose, the team has unraveled a scandal bigger than Watergate.

The team also challenges those in the mainstream media sitting on the fence; who’s gonna step up to the scoop?

According to the Expose’s team investigation, Health authorities worldwide are manipulating figures in an attempt to hide from the general public that the Covid-19 injections are causing the fully vaccinated to develop Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; and their proofs are as follows:

The team investigated the following coverups:

  • Australia coverup,  their Omicron cases were fully vaccinated, and one-half of one percent of cases were unvaccinated.  But the minute these figures were published by the Expose on January 28, the State Government started rigging them to cover up the vaccine-generated catastrophe.
  • Canada coverup,  the Expose on January 28[1]https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/01/28/vaids-negative-vaccine-effectiveness-equals-damaged-immune-system/ published an article using Canadian Government statistics to prove the progression of VAIDS in the doubly vaccinated.  The Canadian government then manipulated their figures for the week from January 15-22 (which were produced in February) in an absurd attempt to disprove VAIDS. 
  • German coverup, double vaxxed Germans were more than 8x likely to catch Omicron than their unvaxxed brothers.  This was covered in the Daily Expose of January 2, 2022[2]https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/01/02/german-gov-data-suggests-fully-vaccinated-developing-ade/.  Then first thing in January 3, the Robert Koch Institut discovered that they had ‘made a mistake!’ They miraculously produced numbers of more unvaccinated Germans who had caught Omicron on the very next day.
  • The Public Health England Coverup, after the expose team wrote to PHE about death data dissected from the weekly report, the PHE’s response was failing to publish Technical Bulletin 18 in July 2 and instead to publish it in July 9 and change the frequency of publication to biweekly rather than weekly.
  • The UK Health Security Agency Coverup,  On October 10, 2021, The Expose carried a piece which showed clearly that vaccines were causing a form of AIDS.  These were accurate figures from the UKHSA that clearly showed progressive week-on-week immune system degradation [see UK Government Data: Vaccinated are Seeing their Immune Response Plummet by About 5% Each Week].  But after 4 hard-hitting articles in The Expose showing that these vaccines cause a form of AIDS, the politicians stepped in, see how the manipulation took place here.
  • The Public Health Scotland Coverup

The red warning above appeared after the expose used PHS figures to prove that vaccines increase your chances of being infected with Covid, and they increase your chances of being hospitalized with Covid, and they increase your chances of dying from Covid[3]https://dailyexpose.uk/2021/12/09/distracted-by-christmas-party-data-shows-9-in-10-covid-deaths-vaccinated/.

  • The Danish coverup, the anti-vaccine (referring to covid jab since it is the antithesis of the vaccine) efficiency against Omicron in Denmark was (1-3.18)/3.18 = -68.6%

The Expose published this information on January 28, 2022[4]See the same link in Canada Cover-up.  The response of the Statens Serum Institut in Denmark was to cease publication of their Omikron Status Report 9 days later on February 6, 2022, which is the Danish version of the Pfizergate coverup.

Editor’s Note: The article is comprehensive in critical information; we recommend you read the lengthy analysis to wholly decipher how the Expose team calls this worse than the Watergate scandal.

There are scientific data to show the decline in the immunity of vaccinated [see Research suggests Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine reprograms innate immune responses; Why Can’t COVID Vaccines Create Herd Immunity?].

There is undoubtedly the same pattern.  A government’s own data proves that the vaccines have failed and are severely degrading the immune systems of their people.  Instead of having a probe to determine how their people can best safeguard from these toxins, they just manipulate the numbers.  Governments have turned into Big Pharma sales representatives so persuasive to close deals.

Like the Philippine Department of Health, despite all the reported side effects and death following covid jab, they still adhere to their safe and effective mantras, pushing the covid doses instead of finding out what could be driving the excess deaths 2021 onwards [see 2021 Excess Deaths in the Philippines Shows Pandemic, but it is Not COVID; Popcom: Philippines Logs Highest Mortality Rate in 2021, Highest in a Year Post WWII].

These worldwide coverups are well-rehearsed and delineated in a ‘fictional’ book, The SPARS Pandemic Scenario 2025–2028 [You may also like to see this link SPARS Pandemic Scenario | Projects: Center for Health Security. Read how the pandemic ended on page 66.  Also, see the excerpt below from the fictitious pandemic scenario.  Also, read Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Supported the Alliance Against the Global War on Democracy.]

This indeed points out that all these coverups, safe and effective mantras, useless testings, peaks and troughs of cases, variants, and restrictions are all but orchestrated simulation.  The perpetrators are playing with all of us, experimenting on our behavioral changes and learning how they would counteract.  They have been planning for this all along, not just two or five years ago but for decades.

Would you still be a willing victim to this plandemic?  [See Full Plandemic documentary out now, being censored by Big Tech; DIVIDE & RULE — The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE; Your Compliance Will Pave Way to Totalitarianism; The Great Reset is Accelerating into Global Tyranny.]

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