April 15, 2024

The Great Reset is Accelerating into Global Tyranny


The following article was written for and published by Dr. Joseph Mercola on his website. It was republished on Lew Rockwell on October 1, 2021.

In this article, Mercola talks about the 2030 Agenda and how the COVID-19 crisis was exploited by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to gain control of the world and to push for what they call as “The Great Reset” [A preliminary discussion about this topic was made by Mercola in early January 2021, read After vaccine passports comes biometric surveillance].

Using a report written by Ivan Wecke, Mercola dives deep into the various initiatives being introduced by The Great Reset. He looks at what they call “stakeholder capitalism” and how it is actually a cover for corporate takeover of global governance. Mercola says, “…this is no minor tweak. It’s a complete overhaul of how we do business and govern nations, not only in the U.S. but globally.”

Wecke asserts that stakeholder capitalism is taking over by stealth, and it will destroy freedom. He says that “this system is still democratic, at least in theory, as elected leaders are the ones brought together to make global decisions. The problem we’re facing is that the stakeholder capitalism now proposed is not going to deepen democracy but rather eliminate it altogether.”

The Great Reset will also pave the way for a medical reset where biosecurity states where our freedoms will be based on our medical choices.

Mercola closes his article with these words: “In countries everywhere, people are told COVID shots are the only way forward, and vaccine passports — once derided as a paranoid conspiracy theory — are being implemented. Who made these decisions? No one is admitting the real source of these lockstep decisions, but we can be sure they’re coming from a central hub, run by people no one ever voted into power.”

Editor’s Note: We add this article on this website because it is now time for Filipinos to understand the gravity of the situation in regards to these so-called vaccine mandates. The coercion will not end at vaccination – there is an entire plan surrounding this COVID pandemic and vaccine coercion is just at the beginning.

A year ago, when Nicanor wrote the article Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance, people said we were promoting conspiracy theories. We can assure you now: we are not conspirators, because what we are pushing for is no conspiracy. Biosurveillance and COVID as a key to controlling humanity is no longer a theory. All the evidences are within our midst. [Laura Dodsworth: Vaccine passports will not contain a virus, they will contain people, COVID vaccines are paving the way for non-consensual medical experimentation of the general public, Los Angeles Implements Vaccine Passports, Creates Divisive, Discriminatory, Two-tiered Society, Vaccine passports are the key to digital tyranny, How Digital ID Will Segregate People Around the World].

The coercive push to vaccinate populations and to implement mandatory vaccination and vaccinations are all part of the plan to devalue our humanity. Vaccination is the key to The Great Reset. If we don’t pushback, we can expect to live in a world where we own nothing, where our capacity to make decisions for ourselves and our families are controlled by our governments, and where our freedoms do not exist. Is this the future you envision for your children?

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