June 7, 2023

Fully vaccinated and boosted: Should you take the 4th vaccine dose if you are immunocompromised?


If we ask infectious disease expert Dr. Edsel Salvana, then the answer to this question would be NO. Salvana said, “As of now, our recommendation is to not get a fourth dose, do not get a second booster for now, because its efficacy is not yet certain versus any possible side effects”.

This makes us wonder then, why did Dr. Nina Gloriani of the Vaccine Expert Panel (VEP) say that immunocompromised individuals can take a fourth COVID shot when its efficacy and safety have not yet been vetted?

As a matter of fact, have there been any new studies proving the safety and effectiveness of the first booster (third shot)?

In fact, even the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), along with several other experts, dissuade against the use of boosters.

In fact, why would you take the fourth COVID shot, if the first three shots have already become useless in under a year?

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2 thoughts on “Fully vaccinated and boosted: Should you take the 4th vaccine dose if you are immunocompromised?

  1. I could say in the pre-PLANdemic of the CONvid I was very sad and unfortunate to live in the “1st” World west side of the world.
    But seen how some Asian countries became just like China; tyrannic, authoritarian, totally anti-democratic and badly suppresing natural God given natural Rights and Human Rights as one example to see, visit your mom, dad, grandfather or grandmother even when they are sick… but there are many dozens more which were chopped with the axe of the tyranny.
    And like most people in the world I am not billionaire, millionaire or even rich for the western world “standards”.
    Said that if I was offered 100 (hundred) millions of kilos of pure 99.99% of gold or tons of pure silver or a huge mansion with 20 bedrooms (like most pathetic globalist billionaire live) with 20 luxury cars and a monthly income of millions of dollars I would NOT take any mRNA or DNA for that matter a poison injection of these western or eastern pharmaceutical companies. Nature took millions of years to perfect plants and animals which interact in balance with each other in harmony and efficiency, then 50 years ago or so some ‘scientists’ working and getting well paid for companies for profit that have shares in stock exchange markets to solely improve their capital gains think they can outperform and outsmart Nature and God with their ‘creations’ for profit only, oh yeah and they do regurgitate and most believe that those products for profit are for the human being well. Wake Up! Follow the money. Injections that bribes and corruption were made to fast track their sales with NO long term tests, effects, outcome whatsover was done.
    Pregnant women were told those injections are safe when NO studies were never done to prove that they are safe. Doctors in U.S.A. and elsewhere being stripped of their licenses because they had courage to speak out that stillborn numbers are alarmingly increasing from those moms who mostly believed in the “$cience”. Research yourself and you find the truth very quick and do not rely in “fact” checkers as these are just paid for profit companies to protect their profits and shareholders. No for no money and gold in the world I would take an injection that insurance companies around the world are also allarmed by the huge significant numbers of claims and adverse affects that’s impacting their budgets and spreadsheets. Many respectable doctors and scientists are now outspoken and freely admitting increased numbers of deaths and never seen before high numbers of adverse effects after one take the new “$cience” injection. The world is at war not the war with tanks and arms there far east but corrupted companies and “philantropic” billionaires bribing and funding the also corrupted W H O which most people think are there in the interest of humanity. What a joke and of a very bad taste.

    1. It is truly unfortunate that the world thinks that only money and power matters. Everything happening now is a product of the reductionist science that pays no respect for the real nature of humanity and our sacred connection to the nature and the Earth.

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