April 19, 2024

What’s Wrong with the DoTr’s “No Vax, no Ride” Policy?


The “no vaccination, no ride” policy imposed by the Department of Transportation (DoTr) is based on an antiquated belief that zero covid is possible, that government policy controls the spread of the virus, and that only the vaccine can prevent deaths from COVID.

Like most of the Philippine government’s policies, the DoTr’s policy looks only at the evidence that supports what they have already decided on, ignoring the fact that everything they know about the COVID virus has already changed.

The government thinks that by imposing a lockdown on the unvaccinated, they can control the spread of the virus. What they do not understand is that lockdowns, travel bans, and other mobility restrictions, never really worked. If they did, then why is COVID still circulating today despite the global lockdowns of 2020?

If the lockdowns of 2020, failed, how can the government think that it will work now?

We understand that the government wants to prevent deaths, but the reality is that they are now overestimating the death rate of COVID.

Funneling resources to control COVID has come at a great expense. People are dying, not due to COVID. Will the government exert the same effort to control and stop the record-high non-COVID deaths in the country?

Moreover, it is now clear that it is the vaccinated who are the drivers of the transmission of COVID. Why is the government punishing and discriminating against the unvaccinated?

According to the government, they are imposing the no vax, no ride policy to “keep our public transport operations safe and running” and to prevent another costly economic shutdown. This clearly shows that the government has not done its homework. They have not looked at international data, and they have not created an exit plan beyond the zero covid policy and are clearly misled about the capacity of these so-called vaccines to end the pandemic.

The DoTr’s policy is just one of the many “creative” policies made to boost vaccination at the expense of human rights and personal liberty. It is as discriminatory, illogical, impractical, and illegal as all the others.

It is anti-poor and would lead to greater suffering among the very sector that the policy wants to protect.

7 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with the DoTr’s “No Vax, no Ride” Policy?

  1. Yes, what steps or initiatives can we take to protect us unvaccinated from this unlawful and inhumane policy?

    1. Push back. They know our rights, and even the CHR has already expressed that this is against our fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They are only relying on the “passiveness” of Filipinos who are willing to just go with the flow to avoid the inconvenience. We know that a lot of people would have been happy to do the same and not raise issues if only the vaccines were “safe”.

  2. Your data is correct, your conclusions are correct, but your message is wrong. You are making the same mistake that vaxx resistance movements in every country are making. You are not focusing on the one and only one issue that counts. Instead, your efforts are ineffective because they are diluted over multiple peripheral issues, such as adverse effects, legality of lockdowns, waste of economic resources, etc. etc.

    The government and the masses of people easily ignore such a scattershot unfocused message. Instead, you must focus all your energies on the only issue that makes a difference: Asymptomatic unvaccinated people have never been proven to be contagious. That is the one excuse that the government keeps lying about to impose all their horrible mandates. If you ignore that issue, then you automatically concede the issue to them, you are tacitly agreeing with them. You must change your focus immediately. Your protests, your legal efforts, your talking to individual citizens, ALL of it must be focused like a laser on this one issue: Force each of them to prove to you that you are dangerous. Legally they are saying that you are guilty until proven innocent. Challenge them. Confront them. Call them out, including Duterte. Tell him he’s a coward if he can’t explain in detail how the immune system is somehow making asymptomatic unvaccinated people contagious. He can’t do it, because it’s not true. Let all the other issues go, they are secondary. If you are going to have any success, you must focus, focus, focus. Here are some references to assist you.

    1: That COVID has an almost zero percent chance of asymptomatic transfer – https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-19802-w

    2: That COVID has a less than one percent chance of asymptomatic transfer among individuals living together within the same household https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2774102

    3: meta-study proving flawed methodology of asymptomatic spread studies –
    Dr Clare Craig FRCPath and Jonathan Engler MBChB LLB
    19 December 2020 / Updated 7 March 2021

    4: CDC Admits Crushing Rights of Naturally Immune Without Proof They Transmit the Virus –
    Aaron Siri 12 November 2021

    5: “..to date, there has been no documented asymptomatic transmission.”

    1. Thank you for this exposition Eric! This certainly is a gem. We will send out this comment to other members of the team so we can review your points.

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