May 30, 2024

Are the executive orders being passed by LGUs restricting the movement of the vaccine-free, legal?


The direct answer to this question has been discussed thoroughly by Atty. Aaron Soguilon in the following video interview recorded by Covid Call to Humanity. According to Atty. Soguilon, RA 11525, the very law that enabled the government to create an emergency purchase of vaccines, has also ensured that no discrimination on the basis of vaccination status will be made by any entity in the country.

Moreover, a document published by the Commission on Human Rights in May 2020 ensured that COVID policies imposed by the government, particularly those that curtailed the right to free movement are lawful and are “based on clear and compelling grounds affecting national security, public safety, or public health”.

The question is: what are the “clear and compelling” bases of these executive orders coming from Local Government Units (LGUs)?

We have heard varied reasons, many of which can be easily debunked.

For example, some LGUs claim that the unvaccinated are a threat to public health because they are asymptomatic carriers. But science now shows that it is the vaccinated who are now carriers of COVID, not the unvaccinated.

Meanwhile, some claim that imposing restrictions on the unvaccinated is the government’s way of protecting them from the vaccinated who are carriers of COVID.[1]Restricting Mobility of Vax-Free Individuals is an Assault on Constitutionally-Protected Rights We now know that these are but empty words. International data shows that it is the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, who are most affected by COVID and new SARS-CoV-2 variants. The unvaccinated therefore do not need protection, nor do they need to be prevented from leaving their homes and participating in society.

Others, still, claim that even if the vaccines are waning, they are our only hope at ending this pandemic. This claim has been debunked many times over. Only natural immunity, not vaccines, can bring us herd immunity.

There are also several voices in the international community who are already saying that mandatory vaccination of these experimental COVID shots is not acceptable.

So NO, these EOs restricting the freedom of movement of the unvaccinated have no scientific and legal basis, and are, therefore, illegal. They are clear violations of our constitutional right and must be challenged at all costs.

8 thoughts on “Are the executive orders being passed by LGUs restricting the movement of the vaccine-free, legal?

  1. good morning,

    i’m not vaccinated, so what do i do if the barangay prohibits me to go to where i work? what do you suggest, hope you can help me.

    thank you very much and God bless you.

    1. Hello Maria,
      You can show them this statement from the Commission on Human Rights:

      Also, get a copy of the actual executive order from the government. They have tried to go around the CHR warning by creating exemptions for allowing the vax-free to go out (for example, “essential trips” such as work, etc.).

      I would also recommend preparing docs to file for illegal detention. We’ll try to get ahold of those docs and post them here soon.

  2. This question may have been raised many times. Has there been any attempt to question the legality of government agencies orders against the unvaxxed in a court of law? Can any similarity be inferred from the latest United States Supreme Court blocking covid vaccine mandate for businesses?

    1. Hello Nereo,

      Yes, there are individual initiatives to do this, thanks to the efforts of Juan Dakila (they are focused on helping citizens fight for their rights).

      Here at CCH, our target is really questioning the policies at the Supreme Court and we are currently raising funds so we can hire a full-time lawyer. The work is massive and will take a lot of effort. Most of our staff are volunteers, but we think the lawyers will need financial support as there are many fees involved in the filing, too.

  3. I’m a retiree and willing to chip in my time and whatever personal resources I may have at my disposal to further the cause of upholding the rights of the unvaxxed. I was looking at the website for any information on how to send voluntary contributions to support the administrative and legal staff of the organization and would be happy to contribute, in my small way, to the organization’s funds when advised of payment details.

    1. Hello Nereo!

      Thank you for your offer of support. There are many ways you can contribute.

      1. share our articles, videos to family and friends.
      2. help others find our social media pages.
      3. comment links (on relevant articles) you find to help other people with their research.
      4. financial support for the legal effort.

      For #4, we will send out a call for support in a few days, but our admin will send you details of the donation channels via email.

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