February 21, 2024

German Doctors Question Proposal for Mandatory Vaccination


The following statement was written by a group of 56 German health professionals and scientists who assert that there is no reliable scientific basis for the imposition of mandatory vaccination in the country. The authors enjoin the government to conduct an independent review of the complex issues raised in the statement.

The seven arguments put out by the statement include the following:

  1. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic will not be ended by vaccination.
  2. The risk potential of vaccines is too high
  3. The risk potential of multiple doses of SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations is insufficiently researched.
  4. The general obligation to vaccinate with the currently conditionally approved COVID19 vaccines violates constitutional law.
  5. The overload of hospitals by COVID19 patients is not clearly proven by the statistical data.
  6. Measures other than vaccination are not exhausted.
  7. Mandatory vaccination is forcing social conflicts.

The authors close the statement with the following words, “The seven arguments put forward are intended to raise questions, the clarification of which should be a precondition for decision-making regarding mandatory vaccination against Covid-19. The arguments are not directed against a specific substantive position. Rather, they are arguments for the fact that in the current situation it is important to develop a common question attitude in science that makes it possible to gain a solid basis that does not exist at the moment in order to alleviate health and mental distress together with a view to all dimensions of the crisis. We ask that, out of this spirit of freedom of science and human dignity, we make a joint effort to overcome the present situation, with its multiple suffering and the division of our society, and to heal its scars permanently.”

Editor’s Note: One of the most important points raised by this statement is that it is only suitable to develop a questioning attitude in science, especially in these unprecedented times. We do not want history to record us as the gullible people who stood by and watched the mass murder of our fellow citizens.

When we study about the rule of the Nazis, we asked how Germans could stand by and allow the atrocities to happen. What we don’t realize is that the concentration camps and death chambers did not happen overnight. These required a process of desensitization to the needs of rights of others and normalization of the herd mentality. What first started as a nationalistic desire to better the lives of Germans turned into mass experimentation and murders. Are we truly so naive not to see the parallelism between Nazi Germany and this COVID scamdemic?

When the government began its assault on vaccine-free people, they have also revealed their evil plan to dominate our humanity. This statement is very clear: there is no scientific basis to force COVID vaccination on anyone. Why then are we being punished and segregated from the rest of society? Is it now a crime to assert one’s right to self-sovereignty?

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