June 14, 2024

Alberta Premier will file legal challenge to end Trudueau’s Emergencies Act


In this February 19, 2022 article for Edmonton Sun, Lorne Gunter reports that Jason Kenney, Alberta’s Premier will file a legal challenge in the Federal Court of Ottawa to end Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “arbitrary and high-handed” imposition of the Emergencies Act.

In an interview with Canadian media, Kenney said “The situation in Ottawa is serious. Law and order have to be restored. Protesters cannot be allowed to blockade the core of any Canadian city, much less our capital, no matter what their cause. But the Emergencies Act was designed to come into effect at the failure of the state, at a time when it was possible our democratic institutions might fall. However, there is no insurrection or coup”.

Kenney calls the use of the Emergencies Act is “unjustified in the circumstances, an overreach, a violation of due process, and an intrusion into provincial jurisdiction.”

Editor’s Note: The results of the next few weeks are important as the happenings in Canada will determine the future of democracy in the world. [See Canadian Prime Minister Flees as Truckers Arrive At Ottawa For Freedom Convoy].

To what extent are the “tyrants” willing to go to keep their control over their citizens? And to what extent are citizens willing to go to reclaim their freedoms? Freedom fighters are now faced with a very important question: will they continue to resist when they stand to lose all the material possessions and gains they have worked so hard for?

Our governments are counting on us being afraid. Will fear win over our love for freedom?

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