April 17, 2024

PAO Chief Acosta: Pediatric Covid Jab Drive Illegal Despite DoH’s Altered Memo


In a February 18, 2022 article published in The Manila Times, Arlo Calalo reported that Public Attorney’s Office Chief Persida Acosta declared pediatric covid jab drive remains illegal despite the Department of Health’s alteration of the memo. [See DOH in Hot Water, Rescinds Policy to Vaccinate Children vs COVID-19 Without Parents Consent.]

Atty. Acosta said, “Despite the removal of the portion of the memorandum, the parents are still being deprived of ‘informed’ consent with emphasis on the word ‘informed,’ as crucial information about the Pfizer vaccine is withheld in the DoH’s public information efforts.”

Acosta made the comment after Solicitor General Jose Calida asked Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 96, Judge Primo Sio, to deny the petition of the two parents — Dominic Almelor and Girlie Samonte — for a temporary restraining order and writ of preliminary injunction to stop the government’s pediatric vaccination program. To quote Calida: “the general public would suffer grave, and irreparable injury should an injunction be issued against the vaccine rollout provided for in DoH Department Memorandum No. 2022-0041.”

In response, PAO Chief said that the retraction done by the DoH is “a clear admission of the grave abuse of discretion, if not bad faith, and it does not erase the unconstitutionality and nullity of the said DoH memorandum. A justiciable controversy remains.”

Editor’s Note: It looks like there is no backing out for PAO Chief Acosta. Her position is backed by science and constitution, and telling her otherwise will evidently inflame her fortitude to unveil the uncomfortable truth about the dangerous COVID shots.

What is not being discussed in mainstream media is the increasing injuries after the covid jab. The DOH and its officials who continue to parrot the safe and effective narrative will undoubtedly face an impending reckoning in the courts.

Solicitor General Calido appears to be misinformed too, unaware and unawakened to the truth. He should understand the science of covid-19 and covid jab to deduce if he needs to promote the injections.

In this age of misinformation and data manipulation, celebrity kids are also being pawned to delude the public. Why is it that majority of the side effects are appearing on the children of less fortunate people? Could this be due to the different COVID injection formulations[1]https://dailytelegraph.co.nz/covid-19/crisis-in-slovenia-whistleblower-nurse-says-politicians-receive-saline-instead-of-mrna-jab/? [See Evidence: No COVID Vials Are Safe,  Covid-Injection Program Should be Terminated Immediately Also, read Pfizer Changed Formulation on Their Covid-19 Pediatric Vaccine 3 Days After FDA Approval]

With all the mounting data and evidence of injuries, are you willing to sacrifice your child’s future? Did your doctor tell you that death is one of the potential side effects of covid jab? Are you abreast with the risk your child might encounter? Have you read the informed consent? Who do you run to when something happens to your child? Think, your healthy child has a virtually little risk of getting covid; it’s nearly zero. Hence, there is no need to inoculate your kid with an experimental gene therapy [see Should you vaccinate your children?; Open letter to pediatricians and parents includes more than 1,000 references for true informed consent on COVID vaccination; Physicians For Informed Consent release new documents discussing efficacy and risk of COVID vaccines vs. COVID infection; No Need for Vaccines: Children’s Immune Systems Primed and Ready for SARS-CoV-2; Understanding the immune system of children may be the key to understanding susceptibility to SARS-COV-2; Updated IFR for COVID Confirms 99.9987% Survival for Under-20’s; German study confirms Children at VERY low risk of COVID-related severe disease and death. Also, read It’s All About Language: Covid Jab is Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine; Pfizer’s Assassin Vaccine; “Vaccines” are Premeditated Murder. MSM Snubs Massive Proof  ; Japanese Health Ministry warns of COVID vaccine’s side effects].

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