April 12, 2024

In a January 28, 2022 article published in The Defender, Dr. Madhava Setty analyzed how the US COVID testing strategy will extend the pandemic nightmare.

According to Dr. Setty, US President Biden’s massive increase in home-based rapid antigen tests will lead to a tsunami of false-positive results, which will indefinitely extend the current “casedemic.”

The idea for at-home testing is to allow people to test themselves before attending social events, school, going to work, etc., so they will know, almost in real-time, whether they may be infectious. The problem is that a positive COVID test does not indicate infectiousness [see Manitoba Government Chief Microbiologist: 56% of positive “cases” are not infectious, but products of misleading RT-PCR tests].

Also, British authorities have finally recognized that vaccine passports, travel restrictions, mandates, and most importantly, indiscriminate testing do nothing to end a casedemic. [See England Ends All COVID Mandates After Receiving Petitions from the Citizens.]

Dr. Setty added, “when will the US admit the same? Not anytime soon, it seems. Despite basic epidemiological concepts and evidence that point to the contrary, our authorities are implementing policies that will unavoidably perpetuate the casedemic in this country.”

Editor’s Note: We encourage you to read the author’s extended essay below to fully understand his points. Dr. Setty also shared some of the relevant data to support his analysis.

The US is not the only country with the casedemic; the Philippines is also in that catastrophe, like several countries. In line with this, we would like to highlight the following points:

  1. WHO gave guidelines on when to use testing, and one of it is considering the clinical presentation the patient to limit false-positive results and to preserve credibility of the testing method [see W.H.O no evidence to support widespread asymptomatic testing].
  2. CDC actually made a recommendation that there will be no asymptomatic testing [see CDC changes guidelines for testing: No more test for asymptomatics].
  3. People who have no symptoms are not sick. And if they are not sick, they cannot infect people. In fact no study has identified asymptomatic as the index case (source of cluster outbreaks) [see Asymptomatic people do not spread COVID-19].
  4. What is the point of testing if it cannot measure infectiousness? This is just another way the government is wasting resources and padding the illusion of a pandemic.
  5. People should just use their common sense: if sick stay at home. See countries who already lifted restrictions [read Ireland Conditionally Ends Most COVID Restriction. Also, see https://bit.ly/CountriesLiftingCovidRestictions]. With the high vaccination coverage in the US, what are they afraid of?

Perhaps, we can ask the same question as the author did for the US, when will the Philippines concede that the Draconian measures have failed? With all the scientific evidence, authorities palpably look at the other side. Plainly they do not want to end the superficial reign in power and whatever benefits they take from all these drastic resolutions.

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