June 20, 2024

CDC Data: COVID infection, hospitalization among vaccinated increase drastically


In this February 24, 2022 article for Epoch Times, Zachary Stieber reports on the new data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing the massive jump in the COVID cases and hospitalization among the fully vaccinated during the Omicron surge.

According to the data, the COVID-19 case rate in fully vaccinated people rose by more than 1,000% between December 11, 2021, and January 8, 2022. Case rates among the boosted also rose by 2,000% between the same dates.

The data shows a similar peak in the number of cases among the unvaccinated, mirroring the rise in cases among the fully vaccinated and the boosted.

Researchers say that three doses will be needed to protect against hospitalization due to Omicron and Delta.

The CDC data on Rates of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Vaccination Status may be accessed here: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#rates-by-vaccine-status

Meanwhile, the Rates of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations by vaccination status may be accessed here: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#covidnet-hospitalizations-vaccination

Editor’s Note: If you visit the two CDC links above, you will be greeted with these pages (see Image 1 and 2 below):

Image 1: Intro text on CDC report
Image 2: Intro page on CDC’s report

Perhaps this is the CDC’s way of ensuring that people do not misunderstand the data. However, if you are a critical thinker, then you should be asking this question: Why are cases among all three groups (unvaccinated, fully vaccinated, boosted), increasing at almost the same time? [See featured image at the very top]. If the vaccines are effective, then why are vaccinated people still dying of COVID? [See image 3 below].

Image 3: CDC-Generated data

Now, based on these data from the CDC the unvaccinated are highly vulnerable to infection and death compared to the fully vaccinated and boosted. But there is an inherent problem with this data.

The CDC doesn’t count a person as fully vaccinated until 14 days have passed from the second dose. In the data they have collated, there is no way to identify how many of the “unvaccinated” have received their first dose and are waiting for their second, how many have received the second dose and have tested positive within the 14-day waiting period, and how many have not received any vaccine at all. There is also no way to know if these COVID cases and deaths are incidental or not. [Incidental COVID are those who test positive following the hospital requirement to take the COVID test before patients are admitted. COVID is incidental in this case because the true reason for accessing the health care system is not COVID-related].

Does CDC have this data and are they just hiding it? Well, we know for a fact that CDC is hiding some data so that they will not be misinterpreted by the “anti-vax” crowd. [see CDC withholds large amount of data for fear of “misinterpretation”].

For us, that means that the CDC has collected some data that does not support their chosen narrative, which essentially makes all the data they release to the public suspect.

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