May 26, 2024

Why can’t the Philippine government give up its unscientific, illogical, and useless COVID policies?


We think that there are only three kinds of people who insist on using draconian pandemic policies in the face of clear science indicating their ineffectiveness: those who are plainly stupid, those who are brainwashed, and those who benefit from the policies.

Which one is it for our “health experts” in the Philippines?

We have decided to write this FAQ today because we received these two links:

Let’s discuss the issue with each one.

First, why are Metro Manila mayors insisting on keeping facemasks when masks are already being removed in many countries, and for various venues?

Even the most gungho “maskers” are now petitioning the end of masking mandates.

Why won’t Metro Manila end its own masking mandates when at least 94% of its target population has already been fully vaccinated, and their cases are still dropping? What exactly are they waiting for?

At this rate, these mayors are brainwashing citizens to never expect the mask mandates to be lifted. That is going to be devastating for countries.

Are these mayors thinking that it is okay to keep the masking mandate even if there is no reason to keep it because it is low-impact? If that is their reasoning, then they are absolutely wrong.

Second, why would healthy children take the COVID vaccine, when it is clear that only the immunocompromised and the elderly are at high risk of severe COVID and death?

It is clear that the vaccination of healthy children and the use of masks are no longer necessary, as has been proven by science. Why are our leaders using antiquated COVID policies when these are already debunked by many experts? Why are they refusing to do the right thing?

Is it our government’s conscious decision to keep repeating its mistakes in its pandemic policies, or are they really just afraid of accepting that they have failed, and that there is no human intervention that can gain control over the virus?

6 thoughts on “Why can’t the Philippine government give up its unscientific, illogical, and useless COVID policies?

  1. Is any data on vaccine adverse events in Philippines? Or a system used by health authorities or doctors to retain and report any health issue after a citizen take the still experimental mRNA or any other injection for this new branded flu? It will be very helpful and honest from health departments to follow up health issues after one had the experimental vaccines. Yet there is some sites that publish public figures on these adverse events, covid blog being one of it. Also the number of serious injuries and deaths are way higher than any other campaign ever as many governments do report and publish data on it. Being the VAERS – Vaccine the Adverse Event Reporting System from U.S. being one of them.

    1. There is an adverse reporting system in the Philippines, but it is not like VAERS. The ones we get are already summary reports, so we have no way of accessing info about the adverse events (for example, existing comorbidities, age, sex, etc). If VAERS was already faulty, the Philippines’ surveillance system is worse than useless!

  2. The Vaccines have been proven beyond the slightest doubt to be far more dangerous than the “virus”.
    Masks cause a lot of problems. They are a perfect breeding place for germs and bacteria while they force you to re-breath carbon dioxide and reduce your oxygen intake. Other than MAYBE blocking germ laden spit or Phlegm they do absolutely nothing to benefit your health. Lock-downs also cause physiological and physical damage. In short there are ZERO benefits for all the covid restrictions. There are old bigger problems than if you do nothing.

  3. Corrected last paragraph of my April 18, 2022 at 9:40 am post:
    “Lock-downs also cause psychological and physical damage. In short there are ZERO benefits for all the covid restrictions. All are bigger problems than if you do nothing.”

    1. Exactly Frank. In The Philippines, our government refuses to remove the Alert Level System which includes the use of lockdowns for areas with high cases! Whereas other countries are now moving away from counting “cases”, the Philippines has learned nothing. There has also been no move to begin investigating the impacts of the lockdowns and school closures.

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