May 27, 2024

Faulty COVID-19 tests: Why prisoners love their jailers and never-ending lockdowns


This cautionary tale is happening all over the world. While this unusual event is happening in one country, variations of it are also happening in other parts of the world. As a human family, we can all learn to see what this particular case can mean for all of us, for the world.

This will be a long and semi-technical piece and some may not have the stamina to go through this article. I will summarize its message in a few sentences so readers can decide whether it is worth their time or not. Then I will back this summary with a longer articulation of my reflections on current world events.


Our current RT-PCR tests are unreliable and defective for at least 4 reasons. Uncritical reliance on them leads one, especially decision-makers, to believe that we have massive infections and an unprecedented deadly pandemic on our hands.

Thus, we all need to be punished with more prolonged lockdowns. And those who are victims of these unrelenting lockdowns will love their “leaders”, a cognitive blinder known as the “Stockholm Syndrome”. The victims see these “leaders” as benign instead of manipulative. Victims will plead to have continued lockdowns. They see their political leaders as merely protecting them from certain death if exposed to the “deadly” COVID-19 virus.

Furthermore, this pandemic will be “forever” until universal vaccination, safe or not, will be imposed worldwide. This will be done together with the mixing of tracking nanochips that will make global surveillance the “new normal”.  A pandemic of censorship, galvanized by mainstream media and big tech owners of social media, will impose a specific brand of truth meant to manipulate unthinking humans to passively accept the “new normal”.

When this is achieved, decent humanity will have ended. It will mark the beginning of the twilight of free and dignified human societies. This will be our destiny unless we do something about it.

It is the main task of this article to burst the bubble of this deadly illusion and restore some sanity to our public discourse on the COVID-19 “pandemic”, so called. This is part of a global transformation effort to do something about the takeover of humanity by enemies of decent and good humans who value their rights, freedoms, and responsibilities above all.

Context for the Article

Recently I was shocked to find out the mayors and governors petitioned the Philippine national government to place their areas in a higher-risk category when they already had a lower risk or no-risk rating. People were in lockdown for around two months and were experiencing lockdown fatigue. Instead of freeing their people to move back to “normal”, these local government officials petitioned to have a longer period of de facto lockdown, albeit modified.

I wrote a reflection piece on this bizarre behavior [The Avoided and Unanswered Question: People Just Don’t Get It!]. I wanted to explain that the fears about the virus were over hyped and that the death figures were bloated. But now I want to go to the heart of the problem.

Stockholm Syndrome

The behavior above reminded me of the Stockholm Syndrome. This is the psychological illness where the victims of kidnapping or rape prefer to stay with the kidnappers or rapists instead of wanting their freedoms back.[1]

The Philippines is experiencing the Stockholm Syndrome in millions of its people. Government officials are not the only ones infected with it. Millions of Filipinos are also infected with the Stockholm Syndrome. This is not unique to the Philippines. It is also happening to many countries in the world.

The causal chain is obvious. Government and media all around the world, report, on a daily basis, the increasing number of COVID-19 infections. Together with these infections is the daily reporting on the number of deaths presumably from COVID-19.

The net effect is to introduce massive fear of the virus in millions of people. Government has reinforced this fear by drastic measures of isolation and separation that are part of the lockdown process. On top of it all, government was and still is willing to destroy peoples’ jobs and employment as well as the economy at large.

So most people are thinking that the government will not do this unless there really is some form of serious threat from the COVID-19 virus. So the virus threat must be real. The virus must be really dangerous and government is simply doing its best to protect the people.

COVID-19 Tests: Powering the Stockholm Syndrome

Countries all over the world are relying on RT-PCR tests to determine whether someone is infected with the COVID-19 virus. Some countries also supplement this test with an antibody test. This article will only deal with the RT-PCR test. We will deal with the antibody test in another article.

This is a diagram of how the RT-PCR works

RT-PCR stands for Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction. The COVID-19 virus is made up of RNA (ribonucleic acid), which is only a single strand of nucleotides. The PCR cannot detect RNA. The PCR can only detect DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which contains the famous double helix structure of nucleotides.[2]

Thus, the RNA has to be converted first to DNA. This is done through an enzyme called transcriptase. Hence the name “reverse transcription”.  In normal cellular processes, it is the DNA that produces the RNA. In this case, because the opposite is happening, where RNA is converted to DNA, then it is called reverse transcription.[3]

Four Key Defects of the RT-PCR Tests

There are four issues with regard to how lab technicians are conducting the RT-PCR tests. We will have to go to a few technical details to appreciate these issues. But the reward for taking this extra effort is to understand how defects in testing have led to hysteria among millions of people and ultimately to the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

No Reference Symptoms for COVID-19

The first problem is that doctors have deviated from the normal procedure of distinguishing between a “suspect” case and a “confirmed” case.[4]This section of the article owes a lot to the David Crowe’s detailed deconstruction of COVID-19 tests. Several of the citations in this section rely on his research work. See David Crowe, “Flaws … Continue reading

The “suspect” category involves examining a range of symptoms and contacts that the “suspect” has had before he/she developed the symptoms. After the examination of symptoms, the “suspect” undergoes an RT-PCT test (explained in greater detail below).

Unfortunately, many countries stopped following this procedure. Part of the puzzle is that COVID-19 does not seem to have unique beginning symptoms of its own.[5]Ibid.  See also A whole range of other illness can produce symptoms of coughs and fevers, among others. This has made diagnosis based on symptoms, difficult.

In addition, because it has no external symptoms of its own, it is entirely possible that it could be an opportunistic virus. It takes advantage of someone’s immunocompromised or weakened immune system because of other diseases including those of a viral nature.[6]

It is worthy to note that the Chinese basically ignored this time-proven practice of distinguishing between “suspect” case and “confirmed” case. Instead they relied heavily on the use of RT-PCR tests. However, whatever made them realize this fundamental mistake, they stopped their total reliance on RT-PCR tests. When they stopped this dependence on RT-PCR tests, the Chinese numbers for infected cases dropped dramatically.[7]Crowe, Op. cit.

PCR Not Designed for Diagnosis

This leads us to the second problem. The inventor of the PCR never meant his invention to be used as a diagnostic test. 

Dr. Kary Mullis is the inventor of the PCR equipment. Mullis won the Nobel Prize in 1993 for his PCR invention.[8] Image from the Nobel Foundation Archive.

Until his death in 2019, Dr. Kary Mullis criticized others for using the PCR as a diagnostic test. His pet peeve was the use of the PCR test to “prove” that HIV causes AIDS. This historical fact is still full of relevance today as RT-PCR is the test of choice in early stages of COVID-19 infection.

Celia Farber personally knew Dr. Mullis. She interviewed him regarding this controversy. She reports[9]All the quotes regarding Mullis are taken from the rare interview that Celia Farber had with Mullis. See,

“Mullis … does not believe that AIDS is caused by the retrovirus HIV. …. PCR played a central role in the HIV war .” Mullis was actively involved in this war.

“One time, in 1994, when I called to talk to him about how PCR was being weaponized to ‘prove’, almost a decade after it was asserted, that HIV caused AIDS, he actually came to tears.”

“PCR made it easier to see that certain people are infected with HIV …and some of those people came down with symptoms of AIDS. But that doesn’t begin even to answer the question, ‘Does HIV cause it?’ ”

Here is the crux of the criticism of Mullis on the use of PCR for diagnostic tests.

‘PCR detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment.’

‘Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.’[10]Ibid.

Celia Rasnick also interviewed Dr. David Rasnick, a bio-chemist, who basically elaborated on the comments of Mullis:

‘You have to have a whopping amount of any organism to cause symptoms. Huge amounts of it … You don’t start with testing; you start with listening to the lungs. I’m skeptical that a [PCR] test is ever true. It’s a great scientific research tool.  It’s a horrible tool for clinical medicine.  30% of your infected cells have been killed before you show symptoms. By the time you show symptoms…the dead cells are generating the symptoms.’

“I asked Dr. Rasnick what advice he has for people who want to be tested for COVID-19.

‘Don’t do it, I say, when people ask me,’ he replies. ‘No healthy person should be tested. It means nothing but it can destroy your life, make you absolutely miserable.’[11]Ibid.

The main concern is that the PCR magnifies a fragment of the supposed viral genome over 1 billion times. In the process, little mistakes, both in the reverse-transcription[12] and the multiplication phases (see cycle discussion below), can be magnified so as to render the tests inaccurate or invalid. There can also be other viral fragments that can be contained in the sample. And these viral fragments will then be magnified to give a “false positive” result.

Recently, media carried the cautionary story of the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, who directed his security forces to blind-test an RT-PCR test in a Tanzanian laboratory. His people gave the lab supposed human samples for testing. The lab technicians did not know that the supposed human samples were actually multiple samples of a pawpaw plant, a goat and a sheep.

When they conducted the RT-PCR test with the samples, the non-human samples tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. This incident is a very powerful statement regarding the unreliability of RT-PCR testing.[13]…wpaw-fruit-for-covid-19-it-tested-positive-something-is-happening/

PCR test does not give results in a definitive “Yes” or “No” fashion. There is a range of results depending on how one sets us the test. This is connected with the magnification cycles of the PCR test. Every cycle doubles the results of the previous cycle.[14]Crowe, op. cit.

For example, you start with one fragment of an RNA sample after it has been reverse-transcripted to a DNA sample. In cycle 1, you have 2 copies of the fragment. In Cycle 2, you have 4 copies. In Cycle 3, you have 8 copies. In Cycle 4, you have 16 copies. In Cycle 5, you have 32 copies of the transcripted DNA fragment. In Cycle 6, you have 64 copies. By the time you reach, Cycle 31, you will have 1,097,269,248 or over a billion copies of the original single fragment of RNA that has been reverse-transcripted to become a DNA fragment.

Some RT-PCR test kits stop at the 35th cycle where one would have over 17 billion copies of the DNA fragment. Others prefer the 36th cycle where one would have over 35 billion copies of the original fragment. There are some who go as high as 45 cycles where one would have magnified the single reverse-transcripted RNA by over 16 trillion copies.[15]Ibid.

Here is the catch. If one uses a lower number of cycles, one would have mostly negatives including “false negatives”. The converted RNA fragment would be too small to detect. On the other hand, if one uses a higher number of cycles, one would mostly have positives, including “false positives”. One has over-magnified the single converted RNA fragment or any other RNA fragment that may have been present in the test sample. (See above.)

One study has shown that, out of a total number of tests, you would get 5% who will test positive. And out of this 5%, eighty percent (80%) will be false positives for the reasons pointed out above.[16]Ibid.

Qualitative not Quantitative Determination

The third problem is that real name for this test is RT-qPCR. The “q” in qPCR means “quantitative”. However, RT-PCR tests are not quantitative but qualitative. This adds another layer of uncertainty regarding the accuracy and usefulness of RT-qPCR tests.

Kevin Ryan, another researcher who has gone deeply into this topic, writes:

“The RT-PCR test for SARS-COV-2 is being used as a qualitative test, despite the technique name including the word quantitative. This means that the actual amount of virus in a sample is not considered important, only the presence of even a small amount of virus. This concern would be lessened if the actual test results showing levels of virus detected were available. …. Unfortunately, all the public sees are numbers of positive or negative determinations.”[17]

This is a huge problem. “Viral load”, the quantity of virus, is important in determinations of infectiousness and virulence. If the viral load is small, one’s immune system can easily overcome the virus. One will not be infected. If the viral load is high, one has to be careful with the virus. One could get infected. However, the current RT-PCR tests give no such guidance to people and countries.

Take this study as one example. “In a survey of RNA-positive people in Guangdong, China, scientists examined the ‘viral load’ (quantity of RNA) and concluded that “the viral load that was detected in the asymptomatic patient was similar to that in the symptomatic patients”.[18]Crowe, op. cit.

The other aspect of this problem is that a qualitative RT-PCR test does not necessarily link a “positive” test with illness due to SARS-COV-2. The tests just show the presence of some RNA fragments, through its surrogate DNA fragments, putatively from the COVID-19 virus. This assumes that the test is not picking up other RNA fragments from sources other than SARS-COV-2. But qualitative presence of the virus does not automatically mean that the person is ill with SAR-COV-2 virus.

A medical doctor recently emphasized this problem of specificity of the RT-PCR test. He gave a fuller picture of the issue. And it is connected with the high sensitivity of RT-PCR tests for detecting all kinds of DNA fragments, including reverse-transcripted RNA.  

In a YouTube interview, Dr. Zach Bush, a multidisciplinary medical doctor specializing in endocrinology and internal medicine, discussed a highly revealing study from Harvard. The detection of reverse-transcripted RNA fragments does not necessarily mean detection of the COVID-19 virus. Blood samples from 8,240 healthy individuals tested positive for at least 94 different viruses including 19 human DNA viruses, proviruses, and RNA viruses (“herpesviruses, anelloviruses, three polymaviruses,  adenovirus, HIV, HTLV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, parvovirus B19, and influenza virus”). Forty-two (42%) of study participants had this test profile.[19]

In short, the low sensitivity issue of RT-PCR tests can be traced to two factors: a) the inherent weakness of qualitative uses of RT-PCR; and b) complicated by presence in healthy human blood with all kinds of viruses, both of the RNA and DNA kinds. And these non-target viruses can be detected by RT-PCR tests due to the high sensitivity of the latter for picking up all kinds of DNA fragments but low specificity in distinguishing the COVID-19 virus from all the other virus, endogenous or extraneous viruses in the human blood.

Clearly the RT-PCR test has to be confirmed by other procedures. And this leads us to the next problem of RT-PCR.

No Confirmatory Tests

A fourth problem plagues the use of RT-PCR tests. Should one get a positive reading, no confirmatory tests are done to verify the results of the RT-PCR test.

In the beginning, the WHO gave some advisory on what to do after one obtains a positive result in a test. The testing laboratory needs to do “confirmatory test … targeting other areas of the virus genome”. To verify if indeed one has a true positive, “every positive test has …[to be] confirmed with whole genome sequencing, viral culture, or electron microscopy.” [Emphasis added.] Yet very few countries, if any, are doing this. The US CDC removed the requirement of confirmatory tests in its guidelines.[20] . There is also the additional problem where, in the beginning, in the US, the test kits were contaminated with … Continue reading This most likely resulted in an over-estimation of the infection numbers in the US.  

In this regard, there is this instructive cautionary tale from France.

 “A group of doctors in Marseille, France, working in a very experienced lab, that regularly does testing for respiratory viruses, reported testing 4,084 samples for COVID-19, using several systems approved for use in Europe, without a single positive. This included 337 people returning from China who were tested twice, and 32 people referred because of suspected infection.”[21]Crowe, op. cit.

This example shows what proper testing can do. It can spare us from the trauma of inflated infection numbers that are being imposed upon humanity on a daily basis through a compliant media and its propensity for censorship in partnership with big tech companies [See The Pandemic of Censorship].

When we are spared from this trauma of illusory infection numbers, then a sense of normalcy returns to the lives of millions. The basic message will be this. There is no need to fear rapid, almost unstoppable infection. They are mostly artificial creations brought about by relying on inaccurate testing.

Now with this basic understanding, we can now begin to shed light on certain widely reported phenomena which are very difficult to understand without this background knowledge of the nature of RT-PCR tests.

Erratic Test Results

We often read in news reports that one person first tested positive, and then negative and then positive again. Or there can be all sorts of patterns for false positives and false negatives.[22]Crowe, op. cit.

The reason for this is now clear. Depending on the overall condition of the metabolism in the blood of the patient, whether it becomes hospitable for all kinds of viruses or not, plus the inherent weak specificity of RT-PCR tests, then we will get this serious fluctuation in test results. (See related discussion above on the third problem with RT-PCR tests.)

Bloated Death Counts for COVID-19

We have highlighted issues surrounding the death rates, the most serious of which is the intentional labeling of people dying from other diseases as COVID-19 deaths. This is the famous distinction between deaths from versus deaths with COVID-19 [See Briefing Paper and The Tale Of Two Fatality Rates].

The defective nature of RT-PCR tests shows us another dimension of the problem with death rate figures. One can have a “false positive” test result for the virus and then die in the hospital due to other illnesses including disease aggravation due to lack of care. Then that person will be recorded as having died from COVID-19, increasing the death rate. They will basically ignore that the person primarily died from other diseases because the dead person previously tested “false” positive from the RT-PCR test.[23]

Relatively Constant Ratio Between Tests and Infections

A number of researchers have pointed to the relatively stable ratio between the number of “infected cases” and the number of tests.[24]

The infection rate is an artifact of testing! If the RT-PCR tests were accurate, then infection cases would vary according to the actual situation.

Remember the French study above. Real accurate tests dramatically reduced the number of infected cases.  And, if these accurate tests were done elsewhere, the ratio between “infections” and tests would vary according to the prevailing situation.

Second, Third, and More Waves of Infection

If one understands how RT-PCR tests work, there may come a time when there are many “false negatives”. These negatives may be true or not. Or it can also be the result of improperly setting the RT-PCR cycle too low. Or it could also be the result of changes in blood dynamics as we have seen above in the Harvard case. Be that as it may, at lower cycle levels, the RNA of the virus will not be visible. It would therefore appear that the “pandemic” is over.

But then a second wave will come. By current practice, infections are closely connected with the number of tests done. If test cycles are increased for greater sensitivity of testing to determine if indeed the negative is a true negative, then the false positives will increase again. Increasing cycles will magnify the presence even insignificant reverse-transcripted RNA fragments.

Furthermore, as the Harvard study above showed, the blood of healthy people can carry dozens of viruses responsible for dreaded diseases. An increased cycle and hence greater sensitivity in tests will also pick up these viruses that have now peacefully co-existed in the human body.

Humanity is destined to be in a roller coaster ride of waves upon waves of “re-infection”, mostly caused by RT-PCR tests. This is not to say that these tests will not discover SARS-COV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19 disease. But one can never tell unless one also does confirmatory tests as discussed above.

The Never-Ending Pandemic

When one stretches out the waves of infection through time, then one will experience a sinking feeling! As long as these defective RT-PCR tests are used, COVID-19 infections will always be there. Remember, as clearly shown above, our current “pandemic” of infections are artificial results from defective diagnostic tests.

This pandemic will never end! This will be our fate as long as we rely on these faulty stand-alone RT-PCR tests.

David Crowe captures our dilemma succinctly.

“The big problem is that, in contrast to the definition for SARS, a ‘confirmed case’ of COVID-19 did not originally require the criteria for a suspect case to be met, but simply a positive RNA test. [See our discussion above on the first problem of RT-PCR tests.] It did not require any symptoms or evidence of contact with previous cases, illustrating total faith in the PCR technology used in the test. The World Health Organization definition has the same flaw”.

“It was the fact that the SARS definition required both a reasonable possibility of contact with a previous case, and symptoms, that allowed the epidemic to burn out.” [25]Crowe, op. cit.

So this is a perfect set-up for a never-ending pandemic courtesy of the short-circuiting of the diagnostic process by means of the four issues connected with RT-PCR tests discussed above.  

Continued Lockdowns and Vaccines

The purveyors of the so-called COVID-19 “pandemic” have a created a perfect storm. Defective tests will continue to unearth “infections”. The unstopping rise of “infections” will trigger the fear of widespread deaths. Governments will either continue or re-install the lockdown. Citizens with Stockholm Syndrome will not only be grateful for the disappearance of their freedoms and rights with the continuation of medical martial law.

They will even go further. They will plead for the government to protect their lives with stricter lockdowns, at all costs, even if economics are destroyed and society’s fabric is eroded. The RT-PCR test has given ignorant or power-hungry political leaders a powerful instrument to create a perfect storm.

The only way to end the lockdowns is through universal vaccination and the creation of vaccine passports. This is what the chorus of political leaders, pharmaceutical companies, devious foundations, and complicit media are constantly brainwashing us with.[26]

This does not bode well.  Vaccines are going to be designed on the basis of limited segments, putative active segments of the viral genome of SARS-COV-2 virus.

This is happening at a time when there is a profound revolution in biology where so-called junk or non-functional genes have now been discovered. Scientists now understand that these “junk” genes control a much wider range of gene functions, including regulatory ones.[27]

Fast-track advanced vaccine design focuses on fragments of genomes that designers intend to insert into humans using genetic engineering.[28] But no one is looking at how these insertions of gene fragments actually impact on the behavior of the virus itself and the human hosts. The challenge of “junk” genes has not been broadly appreciated in vaccine design.

Will vaccine makers realize the limitations of understanding the nature of the virus purely on the basis of a reductionist paradigm of the genome of organisms in nature, living and quasi-living like viruses?  Will they use a systems perspective to account for the complex dynamics of gene fragments and insertions within the context of the organism and its whole genome.

If no, then we will live in a world plagued by vaccine side-effects plus vaccines that have nanochip tracers mixed with it. I will deal with this in more detail in my next essay.

COVID-19’s Call to Humanity

The mantra of the “new normal” will either be a “new normal” marking our ascent to our greatest possibilities or a “new normal” mocking us while we descend, deeper and deeper, to the worst and most decadent version of ourselves.

Meanwhile, while this drama is playing out, it will not help if fear continues to drive people into irrational positions including embracing the Stockholm Syndrome. What we need in this crucial moment in human civilization is sound, clear, and objective evidence-based judgment and responses.

Otherwise, thanks to the creation of a never-ending artificial “pandemic”, we will all hurl ourselves, like unthinking lemmings, into the abyss of civilization. This bottomless pit will be brought about by the universal vaccination cum surveillance of humanity, massive censorship that suppresses more accurate scientific narratives, and the radical inequitable restructuring of the global economy that is already starting to unfold.

Is this what we want? Is this the “new normal” we long for? Or is COVID-19 calling us all to wake up, know the real truth, defend our freedoms, rights and responsibilities, and ultimately advance our true evolutionary potentials?

The mantra of the “new normal” will either be a “new normal” marking our ascent to our greatest possibilities or a “new normal” mocking us while we descend, deeper and deeper, to the worst and most decadent version of ourselves.

It is all up to us. The human future will be the destiny that we will it to be.


4 This section of the article owes a lot to the David Crowe’s detailed deconstruction of COVID-19 tests. Several of the citations in this section rely on his research work. See David Crowe, “Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory” Version 8.3. May 19, 2020.
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