April 12, 2024

World Health Assembly Agrees to Launch Process to Develop Global Treaty to Fight Pandemics


The following document was released by the European Council of the European Union which provides details explaining the consensus reached by the World Health Assembly (WHA), the World Health Organization (WHO)’s decision making body[1]https://www.who.int/about/governance/world-health-assembly in a meeting conducted last December 1, 2021.

According to a press release released by the WHO, the WHA met at a special assembly and adopted a decision entitled “The World Together”[2]The WHO released a press release last December 1, 2021. Read … Continue reading. Under this decision, an intergovernmental negotiating body (INB) was established “to draft and negotiate a WHO convention, agreement, or other international instruments on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.”

In the article attached below, the European Union (EU) traces the background of the call to create an international treaty on pandemics, as well as explains the purpose of the international agreement on pandemics, and why it is necessary.

The article also says that an international convention on pandemics would support and focus on:

  • early detection and prevention of pandemics
  • resilience to future pandemics
  • response to any future pandemics, in particular by ensuring universal and equitable access to medical solutions, such as vaccines, medicines and diagnostics
  • stronger international health framework with the WHO as the coordinating authority on global health matters
  • the “One Health” approach, connecting the health of humans, animals and our planet

Editor’s Note: Why is it that the call for an international treaty on pandemics is coming from Western countries where health care systems are more robust? Why isn’t the call emanating from poorer countries which are “supposedly” having a hard time dealing with the current “pandemic” and are in need of serious help from the rich West?

Remember how the first call to create an international treaty was announced by Charles Michel, President of the European Council, in November 2020? Remember also how this same call was repeated by the wealthy G7 countries in their February 2021 meeting? Why are they so intent on creating a global treaty, when they can’t even uphold legally enforceable ethical standards called the Nuremberg Code and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights?

Take note that if this international treaty was signed, the WHO would be the sole authority on global health, and scientific debates would be outlawed. There would only be one narrative that will be accepted and the WHO would have control over how governments respond. Can you imagine where this is going?

Even without control of the mechanisms of governments, the WHO has led countries to self-sabotage by promoting lockdowns and other ineffective pandemic policies[3]https://news.yahoo.com/warns-nations-lifting-covid-19-152254405.html. They have overruled decades of medical best practice by eliminating early treatment protocols and forcing countries to rely only on mass experimentation through vaccination. The WHO has quietly told the world, don’t take boosters, don’t vaccinate children, and then when the entire world started doing it, said nothing to correct countries’ actions [Read WHO: Boosters Using Original COVID Vaccines not Appropriate or Sustainable, WHO: Children should not be vaccinated “for now”]. And then when countries said that the pandemic has ended, the WHO wants to prolong the pandemic by negating what independent consultants in countries are discovering [see WHO warns nations about lifting COVID-19 restrictions]. How can anyone trust the WHO, when it has not shown its leadership during this COVID-19 “pandemic”? How can we expect any difference when they are afforded political power to commandeer countries?

This international treaty proposal sounds a lot like the creation of an international government that we have repeatedly been warned against [read Proof that the COVID-19 crisis was planned to usher in a new world order].

We hope that countries would be more careful, and citizens more watchful, especially as this international treaty for pandemics is not the first attempt to global control [we encourage you to read Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance and Global COVID Summit pushes for global vaccination, creation of global fund “for future pandemics”].

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