June 5, 2023

No More Fully Vaccinated in Australia, Must Take Boosters to be “Up to Date”


The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (Atagi) has rolled out new guidance stating that a third dose is required for someone to be considered “up to date” with their COVID vaccinations. The new terminology replaces the term “fully vaccinated”, which according to authorities recognizes the additional protection provided by booster shots against new variants of COVID.

Australia’s federal health minister Greg Hunt said in a statement, “Atagi recommend that everyone aged 16 years and older receive a booster dose three months after their primary course, to maintain the best protection and an ‘up to date’ status…Further, Atagi has advised that if it has been longer than six months since a person’s primary course and they haven’t had a booster, they will no longer be considered ‘up to date’ and instead be considered ‘overdue’”.

Atagi has left it to individual states to set their own rules on booster mandates, but changes are expected to be introduced this month.

Editor’s Note: For months, we have been telling people that governments will attempt to mandate a third shot of the COVID vaccine. People thought that was impossible given the fact that there still is no credible evidence showing that booster shots are safe [see xx]. But as has been expected, Australia has led the way in experimenting with its own citizens.

We wonder, is Australia expecting a different result as Israel?

As it is, Australia is now one of the most vaccinated in the world. Despite this, however, it has recently experienced the biggest surge in COVID cases and deaths (see image below).

Also, if we look at the current statistics in Australia, we are already seeing a decline in the huge wave of cases and deaths. Why would they want to implement booster shots now, when it seems that the new wave is on its downward trend?

How is it possible that Denmark, with its increasing number of cases and deaths, is able to say that COVID is no longer a critical threat to society, while Australia is doubling down on its authoritarian policies?

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