May 26, 2024

Public Seminar Episode 27: Regaining Our Freedoms


We are writing these descriptors of our various episodes for two reasons. First, we want to enable our followers and free subscribers in our different platforms to have an overview of the episodes they missed especially because Facebook removed the live stream record of our episodes.  Second, since the episodes are in the Filipino language, we want our global foreign audience to understand what we broadcasted.  Our foreign guests need only look at the more than 100 slides, on average, that accompany our Episodes. Through the slides, and with the help; of our descriptors, they can more or less have a sense of what we are covering in our Episodes.  We hope to finish these descriptors in a few weeks. 

Start of Summary of Ep. 27 

The broadcast begins with a summary of the key points of Ep. 26. These include the martial law declaration in Canada; the Pfizer message to its stockholders regarding regulatory risks up ahead; the crashing of the stocks of Moderna; the continuing confirmed vaccine deaths; the CDC’s admission of the superiority of natural immunity over vaccine-induced immunity; and the beginning of the Freedom Caravans of PRACT, the Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny. 

Then came the usual invitation to FB followers of Covid Call to Humanity (CCH) to start migrating to the Telegram and Rumble channels of CCH. 

The Science

Episode 27 started with the latest scientific updates. It is part of the task of CCH to keep all its listeners around the world informed of the latest developments in science. This is unavoidable. Covid is a scientific and technological issue. To spot the lies, one has to be familiar with the science behind Covid and the technological expressions of this science. 

Here is some of what this section of the broadcast covered:

  • Lockdown effects deadlier than Covid disease itself;
  • Covid vaccines are deadlier than flu shots in causing strokes by 11,361%;
  • Myocarditis risk is 13,300% greater after vaccination; 
  • Yale study confirms teenage boys died from Covid vaccines;
  • Vaccination intensity has no impact on stopping infections in 68 countries;
  • Side effects of mRNA vaccines include neurological damage;
  • Higher vaccination rates = higher excess mortality rates;
  • Governments starting to pay out compensation for vaccine adverse effects;
  • Reverse transcription of Pfizer mRNA into DNA confirmed including the integration of the latter in the human cell genome;
  • Detailed studies on how this can lead to cancer;
  • Unsealing of Pfizer whistleblower case charging Pfizer with falsifying safety trials;
  • Public Health Scotland shuts down deaths by vaccine status; and 
  • CDC refuses to disclose the health status of 33 million Americans after getting booster shots.

The Plan

The people behind the Covid scamdemic are not giving up. Here is the evidence.

  • WHO Pandemic Treaty, which will lead to global medical martial law;
  • Bill Gates and his needle-less vaccine that spreads like a virus to the unvaccinated;
  • Continuation of roll out of social credit scheme writ large in Communist China via digital vaccine IDs;
  • Admission of Pfizer CEO that the company created the COVID-19 “virus” in a lab; under the appropriate (read, favorable) regulatory context, Pfizer can manufacture another virus in its lab, release it, and make billions on the vaccines it will produce to control its viral creation; and 
  • Moderna admitted that it holds the patent for the genetic sequence for the toxic spike protein a few years before the Covid scam was rolled out; Moderna can similarly create another sequence to advance its fortune by making toxic protein particles that its own vaccines will “cure”

Covid Lessons for War in Ukraine 

Perpetuators used psychological warfare to launch their covid takeover of the world. They are using the same techniques to whip up pro-war sentiments with fake news narratives regarding Ukraine and Russia. Pro-Ukraine narratives have now been shown to be mostly fake news. Disinformation and propaganda are showing their ugly heads. But objective observers are not jumping on the bandwagon of Russia either. All are invited to do their research. CCH promises to cover this topic at length in the next episode. 

Reports from the Field with PRACT

The Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny (PRACT) co-hosted the second hour of the broadcast. It was mostly a report of their exciting experiences as they went around in key places of Metro Manila protesting against the Covid mandates. We also invited reports from the Freedom Convoy held in Iloilo City. We invite you to see the pictures of the mini-freedom caravan. 

Watch the video here

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