May 25, 2024

If COVID vaccines were safe, then why are governments talking about compensation for vaccine injuries?


In this February 19, 2022 article for The Wall Street Journal, Jenny Strasburg discusses the reality of vaccine adverse effects and how governments are going to pay for compensation among those who are severely affected by the COVID jabs.

According to the report, Norway has already agreed to pay out 25 COVID vaccine injuries as of early February 2022. More than 300 claims are still being considered by the country. Meanwhile, the UK’s National Health Service has received more than 720 claims requesting COVID-19 vaccine-related compensation. The report says that claims grow by about 20 per week, which means that around 1,500 to 1,800 new claims will be filed this year.

The US has received more than 3,320 COVID-19 vaccine injury claims, and as of writing, only one has qualified for payment.

Editor’s Note: This is perhaps the closest thing to an admission that COVID vaccines are not as safe as health authorities would have us believe.

So yes, maybe the short to medium-term side effects are rare and only a few are affected. But the fact that these side effects are real makes vaccine mandates illegal and irrational. Why are we being forced to take the vaccine, when one of the side effects of the COVID vaccine is death?

The Philippine government must heed this. Parents of your children must heed this.

Maybe today, the effects of the vaccine are “rare”. But as time passes, and people keep taking boosters, long-term effects would become apparent [see Long-term dangers of experimental mRNA shots, Endless boosters can lead to increased autoimmune disease, Are COVID Vaccines Causing AIDS-Like Illness by Destroying Immune Function?, Israeli data shows vaccine side effects not rare at all]. By then, it would be too late for vaccinated people, and the damage to their health would be permanent.

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