July 22, 2024

Is the Worst of the Pandemic Really Over?

Is the Worst of the Pandemic Really Over?

It will never be over until the government says it’s over without conditions, fear-mongering, and brainwashing.

What is OCTA’s basis for saying this?

Is it just driven by numbers? Then, perhaps we can say that there is no pandemic but a casedemic.

Other countries have already dropped the zero covid strategies and decided to live with the virus; why are OCTA and other ‘experts’ in the Philippines still aiming for this impossibility?

Despite the soaring fresh cases, more developed countries scrapped all restrictions. Is this an indirect acceptance that covid jabs failed to do its touted job?

What is the point of boosters shots, then? Why is the Philippine government so resolute about booster shots and aiming to inoculate senior citizens? Who runs the show that “expert” like Dr. Edsel Salvana does not endorse the second booster shot “yet”?

Have the Department of Health and other covid vaccine proponents not heard of immune fatigue and vaccine-induced AIDS?

“Experts” are so focused on giving covid jabs to mitigate the COVID-19, but how about the side effects, have they investigated these? Would their wry smile and admission they didn’t consider adverse events and waning efficacy absolve their negligence?

Foreign media outlets’ complicity is being unveiled to the public employing COVID misinformation and fear-mongering through statistics and illogical mandates.

Soon enough, covid truths will start pouring out.

Perhaps it is appropriate to say the worst of the pandemic, and the entire narrative will be over once people stop taking part in a covid-19 behavioral experiment.

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