June 15, 2024

Are Filipinos Being Subjected to Mass Behavioral Experiments?


The use of fear to control populations and make them follow government-identified COVID strategies is so well-known there is no longer any use in debating it.

It has been established from the start of the touted pandemic that humanity was subjected to a behavioral and social science experiment; there are numerous published evidence, yet people seem not to care, as long as they conform with the majority.

But fear-mongering was not just used to make people compliant with COVID policies. It also served to suspend critical thinking and deter people from seeing the many inconsistencies in our midst. It has served to make law-abiding societies that relied solely on self-appointed authorities.

Consider this: despite the decreasing number of cases in the Philippines and the recommendation to downgrade the alert level, health experts are still afraid of totally removing all other “minimum public health standards.” Cities may be in alert level 1, but masking, proof of vaccination, and physical distancing remain.

So now the question is: what’s the point? Whereas many countries have already removed their COVID restrictions, the Philippines remains steadfast to these useless rules.

At present, authorities are still employing those tactics they mustered in 2020. They are using fear to make people compliant under duress.

When there is no law mandating covid jabs, they use soft coercion, bigotry, and discrimination. All the restrictions are anti-poor, thus the tenacity of the Public Attorney’s Office to uphold the constitution.

Now, mainstream media is telling us that all of these efforts made by the government have caused more Filipinos to be more accepting of the vaccine.

But then again, data from the third mass inoculation drive says otherwise. Why did the government fail to meet its target? Where is the drop of hesitancy there?

The government has made broad claims that they are backed up by science. For example, they claim that majority of those hospitalized for COVID are unvaccinated, but they won’t produce the breakdown of cases based on vaccination status.

It’s just like the claim that the COVID vaccine is safe and effective, but the government has failed to look at the anomalous increase in excess deaths in 2021.

They rely on the fact that the Philippine society is scared out of its wits and will stay compliant with government guidelines. That is just one aspect of the behavioral experiment. As the global pandemic unravels, we can be sure that we will discover the many ways our Philippine society was subjected to mass behavioral experiments.

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