February 28, 2024

The following article was written and published by Dr. Joseph Mercola last October 28, 2021. In it, Mercola featured the 20-minute video entitled, “Mass Psychosis — How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill”. It was originally posted on Youtube by Vandana Shiva’s After Skool and Academy of Ideas. The video explained the tactics used to seed and create mental illness in societies on a grand scale.

Dr. Mercola highlights are the following in his analysis:

Mercola adds that adults must be held responsible because they mindlessly inflicted trauma on an entire generation of children. The primary cause of depression among children is feeling disconnected from family and friends, which is undoubtedly an after-effect of prolonged lockdowns and school closures.

Also, Mercola says, “to restore sanity to an insane world, you first need to center yourself and live in such a way as to provide inspiration for others to follow — speak and act in such a way as to demonstrate that you are not afraid to live life and return to normalcy.”

Watch the video below to fully appreciate Dr. Mercola’s point.

Editor’s Note: We suggest that you watch the videos in Dr. Mercola’s article to understand his analysis better. The video depicts the society we live in today and what we can do to stop this mass psychosis.

We are living an experiment, and fear is the primary tool used on us to obey and conform [See Fear appeal: The science of using fear to manipulate people into submission; Scientists admit: Use of fear to control behavior during the COVID crisis was totalitarian. Also, read Military leaders used propaganda on Canadians during the pandemic; Australian military troops sent to Sydney to help enforce new coronavirus lockdown].

A significant proportion of humanity has surrendered their liberty in the delusion that we are going back to normal. We can see that those who conceded their freedom are those who are scared the most. [See This is how governments plan to weaponize psychology to keep the public compliantScientists admit: Use of fear to control behavior during the COVID crisis was totalitarianFear appeal: The science of using fear to manipulate people into submissionSeparating science from politics and fear-mongeringOur fear of the coronavirus will change the world. Also, read Naked Fear Appeal. Do not be Fooled. Don’t Yield. Don’t Get Vaccinated.]

The battle is ongoing; we have to hold the line and reveal the deception. This will not end if we keep on obeying unconstitutional mandates [See Philippines’ DILG Pushes for Unconstitutional and Illegal Vaccine Mandate; Covid shots home visit unconstitutional; DOLE chief says “no vaccine, no work” illegal; School Closures and Masking Kids are Irrational, Unscientific, and Child abuse. Also, read Top Spanish court rules lockdowns were unconstitutional; Kentucky judge rules governor’s COVID policies unconstitutional; Finland withdraws COVID lockdown after it was deemed unconstitutional.]

Or, just as the video has suggested, we can create a parallel structure, and with sufficient parallel systems. A parallel society will emerge and function as a freedom colony and restore sanity within a totalitarian society.

Ten years ago, such a society was an implausible idea; however, we are now living in a world we used to think was far-fetched and fictional. If the authorities keep pushing humanity to the brink of destruction, it might be to our advantage if we create a world that is an enclave of harmony with the earth, where there is less destructive technology, and where there is freedom. Let’s save humanity and our children from the claw of totalitarianism. [See Your Compliance Will Pave Way to TotalitarianismTotal tyranny: This is our future if we do not stop lockdownsVaccine passports are the key to digital tyrannyLaura Dodsworth: Vaccine passports will not contain a virus, they will contain peopleHow Digital ID Will Segregate People Around the WorldDIVIDE & RULE — The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE.]

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