June 16, 2024

In this article for Dr. Mercola, Barbara Loe Fisher looks at the ramifications of the coronavirus and lockdowns have on our societies. She also explores some of the issues surrounding the coronavirus response of the United States. 

Fisher’s article shows us how fear led to entire populations to give up their civil liberties, and how governments, through the help of media, has served to maintain this fear in the hope of controlling their citizens. She then goes on to offer steps that can be done by citizens of the United States to push for better public health management. 

Editor’s Note: The following article consolidates a number of points we have been raising in several articles: (1) that the COVID-19 response did not equate to the actual threat of the virus, (2) that imposed lockdowns have caused greater problems than the problem it hoped to address, (3) that our fear is paralyzing us and has led our governments to violate our natural right to personal freedom and liberty, (4) that there are other agenda at work, (5) that by educating ourselves, we begin to awaken to a world that slowly, but surely, being shaped to repress our humanity [read What’s next after the coronavirus? to learn about the two social possibilities that can emerge when the pandemic is over]. 

This article shows to us that at its deepest, COVID-19 is a battle for our humanity – will we continue to uphold truly human values, or will we choose safety without liberty? Our choice today will determine how our children will live their lives tomorrow. 

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