June 16, 2024

CDC finds patients with underlying conditions 12 times more likely to die of COVID-19


A published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last June 15, 2020 confirmed the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on individuals with underlying medical conditions.

According to the report, individuals with comorbidities were six times more likely to be hospitalized and 12 times more likely to die compared to otherwise healthy individuals. The report also showed that there was a high incidence of coronavirus in neighborhoods which were predominantly African American and that minority groups were more likely to be hospitalized.

The report also stated that the most common underlying conditions reported by individuals with COVID-19 were heart disease (32%), diabetes (30%), and chronic lung disease (18%). 

Editor’s Note: This report highlights the reality that aside from being a health issue, COVID-19 also a social problem, and must be dealt with in a multidimensional approach. Because of its disparate impact on marginalized groups, particularly those belonging to economically challenged neighborhoods, governments must now pay attention to the needs of often neglected neighborhoods in order to control the spread of the virus. Improvements in facilities, as well as access to health care systems must be made. 

On the other hand, this report highlights for us, individuals, the need to care for our health. This includes, among other things, choosing a healthy lifestyle, focusing on healthy nutrition, and discovering what true health means for the human being. 

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