May 30, 2024

Finland withdraws COVID lockdown after it was deemed unconstitutional


The following article was published by Reuters last March 31, 2021. It covers recent news from Finland where the government has withdrawn its proposal for widespread lockdowns as the country’s constitutional law committee found the proposal to be “too vague and not in compliance with the constitution”.

Editor’s Note: We are expecting that as more European countries start to lift restrictive coronavirus measures, Big Pharma and the World Health Organization (WHO) will tighten its hold on countries like the Philippines where a majority of leaders are still brainwashed with the fear-based narrative. As long as our people are not pushing back, we can expect to hear more manipulative stories about rising cases and new variants which have no real impact to clinical outcomes. Whatever crisis we have in the Philippines today (the overwhelming number of people lining up in emergency rooms, overworked health care workers. etc.), these are not the result of COVID-19 per se, but of the incorrect policies implemented by our government, plus the widespread fear among citizens who unnecessarily rush to and clog up the hospitals at the slightest mild symptoms.

We, however, welcome developments such as these, as it only strengthens the truth that we have been trying to convey since last year. COVID-19 can be managed without restricting the freedoms of citizens. We can prevent deaths if we utilize early treatment protocols and if we focus our attention to the individuals who are in most need of the support of our health care systems. The rest of the healthier, younger population can self-manage, with proper education and support of our governments.

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