July 19, 2024

Is the Philippines ready to end the pandemic?

Is the Philippines ready to end the pandemic?

As COVID cases continue to decline in the Philippines, and more and more areas are now being reverted to Alert level 1, many people are now anticipating the end of the pandemic in the country. Unfortunately for us, it looks as if the Department of Health is not ready to declare the end of this pandemic.

According to this March 3, 2022 report from The Star, the government will release the “Covid-19 transition plan” this week. And while we do not yet have the full details, it is clear that vaccination, particularly the use of boosters among health workers and economic frontliners. This tells us that the government has not yet learned that these boosters are useless, and that protection from the COVID shots is waning.

It also tells us that the government does not yet realize that continued use of these failed “vaccines” will erode the immune system and make otherwise healthy people susceptible to infection.

Do our “health experts” still think that natural immunity is a conspiracy theory?

Also, based on the recent announcements of the government, it is clear that lockdowns are still an option while masking and the vaccine ID will still be required.

6 thoughts on “Is the Philippines ready to end the pandemic?

  1. They are determined to destroy God’s Creation, but eventually they will fail and surely they will face the consequences in God’s time Amen 🛐✝️

  2. The people of the Philippines should realize that the DOH and the IATF are fooling us! They are just enriching themselves bountifuly at the expense of the Filipino people by using their political power to enforce unjustly the ineffective, unsafe and experimental vaccines as their money machine! It’s not for our health, it’s only for their selfish gains! The people should revolt!!!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Did you know that there are regular freedom convoys being done in many areas in the Philippines? Hope you can attend one soon too!

  3. Too many corrupt politicians and medical people making too much money to allow the scamdemic to end in the Philippines.

    1. This is the unfortunate truth. We continue to hope that those people with clean consciences will be touched by courage and will speak up against the COVID tyranny.

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