May 26, 2024

COVID-19: Why Are We Ignoring Infection-Acquired Immunity?


In this February 28, 2022 article for Medscape UK, Sheena Meredith asks a very important question: why are governments still relying on vaccination when the data is showing that protection from natural infection is more durable compared to vaccines?

Meredith summarizes a number of very important studies showing that natural infection is more powerful than COVID vaccines. She also discusses a bit of the politics concerning the use of vaccine passports and says that the limitations placed by governments in recognizing natural immunity as a replacement for vaccines are too short compared to the real durability of protection from natural infection.

She also goes on to raise the ethical issues related to mandating healthcare workers to take the COVID vaccine. She says, “Is it justified to pressure people with pre-existing infection-acquired immunity to take a vaccine they neither want nor need? How can such individuals give proper informed consent, especially when they may be also at a higher than average risk of side effects? Is it equitable to give unnecessary doses when vaccines have yet to be equally shared on a global level?”

Editor’s Note: While we are already aware of the issues raised in this article by Meredith, the mere fact that this article was published on MedScape, an organization funded by the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA)[1], means that there is a real shift in the view of COVID.

The question now is, will Meredith’s article be used by the government in changing its policies? Will the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now acknowledge natural immunity? Will gungho vaccine-pushers acknowledge that they made a mistake and apologize to their colleagues, particularly the signees of the Great Barrington Debate, for their participation in smearing the credibility of their fellow doctors? Will the US government hold the CDC accountable for ignoring the evidence for natural immunity?

From the looks of things, governments are just going to lift their illogical and unscientific policies without acknowledging their mistakes. And while that move will serve to bring us back to “normality”, it is dangerous because it is a precedent for future pandemics. Already, they are programming us so that we will accept the “pandemic strategies” for the next one with little to no hesitations.[2],, … Continue reading

We need governments to know that locking us down and forcing us to take experimental vaccines and taking away our constitutionally-protected rights is no longer an option for pandemic control. This is the reason we continue our work despite the fact that countries are now removing restrictions as if nothing happened.

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