November 30, 2023

Mainstream media: Omicron will give most people potent and durable protection against COVID


In this January 17, 2022 article written by Allysia Finley for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) admits the following facts:

  • Vaccines do not provide lasting protection against infection and transmission.
  • Natural recovery from COVID will provide individuals with stronger immunity against new variants and future coronaviruses, what Finley calls as “superimmunity”.
  • Superimmunity will not prevent people from getting infected, but people who get infected will only experience mild or no symptoms.
  • Booster shots offer no real long-term protection against future variants.

Editor’s Note: This article is a confirmation of what we have been noticing in the past weeks: mainstream media is moving away from its 2020-style reporting and are finally giving notice to the truth. We wonder: why the u-turn?

Of course, we are happy with all these developments, because it means that we are winning. We attribute this change to the huge pushback against vaccine mandates and vaccine passports which are happening in many different countries around the world. They are afraid of the consequences of their biases, and perhaps, they are trying to rectify the situation before their errors blow up in their faces [see Media Outlets Scramble to Point Fingers Before COVID Fiasco is Fully Dismantled].

Even with this “change of heart”, we must not forget that these media outlets have been instrumental in the suffering of many of our fellows. They have hidden accessible cures for COVID, and have led to unnecessary deaths. They have enabled our governments to control our movements, and our bodies by taking part in smear campaigns against experts who offer alternative solutions. To date, no mainstream media has asked forgiveness for making people believe that vaccines are safe. They have caused numerous vaccine injuries due to their unethical marketing practices.

So no, a “change of heart” from mainstream media is not enough. Only when they begin to do their sacred job of upholding truth and when they help us bring the perpetrators of this huge scam are brought to justice can we begin to think of “reconciliation”. That should be the target endpoint for all of us.

Until then, we rejoice for the changes we see in mainstream news, but we must also exercise caution. They have lied to us once, they will lie to us again.

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