May 28, 2024

Media Outlets Scramble to Point Fingers Before COVID Fiasco is Fully Dismantled


In this January 7, 2022 editorial, the editors at Ekstra Bladet, one of the biggest news websites in Denmark admitted that they have not been “vigilant enough” to seek answers from the authorities “to what it actually meant that people are hospitalised with corona and not because of corona. Because it makes a difference. A big difference. To be precise, the official admission figures have been found to be 27% higher than the real figure for how many people are in hospital simply because they have corona. We only know that now.“

The editorial stresses that the problematic messaging from the government has led to the erosion of public trust.

Editor’s Note: We commend the editors at Ekstra Bladet for their courage in admitting that they have failed their sacred duty of holding governments to account. We are happy to see that at least one mainstream news outlet now understands that there is a huge difference between hospitalizations DUE TO COVID and hospitalizations WITH COVID as this also translates to the distinction between deaths WITH COVID and deaths DUE TO COVID [see John Ioannidis: COVID Deaths Massively Over-counted, Lisbon court rules only 152 or 0.9% of 17,000 ‘verified deaths’ died of COVID, CDC update shows only 6% of deaths was caused by COVID-19 alone, CDC Update: 75% of children who died from COVID had underlying diseases, New Study: All children in UK who died of COVID-19 were already seriously ill, 95% of deaths in UK have pre-existing condition, Lessons We Can Learn from COVID-19 Autopsies, 99% of coronavirus deaths in Italy had other illnesses, 99% of coronavirus deaths in Italy had other illnesses, Italian report shows only 2.9% of COVID deaths were solely due to the virus].

We must say, however, that this “public apology” from Ekstra Bladet is long overdue. The data has been available since March 2020, why did it take them this long to realize that they made a mistake?

Moreover, the article wants to put all the blame on the government for putting out the wrong data. We think that this is only an attempt to escape responsibility. The editors at Ekstra Bladet should have exercised better journalistic rigor from the very beginning of the pandemic to get at the truth. They should not have blindly accepted reports from erring governments and systematically censored opposing views. No matter how wrong the government was for not putting out better data, Ekstra Blade is as guilty as the government for fear-mongering and misinformation.

We add this article on this website as this is a preview of what we can expect in the next few months as the COVID propaganda starts to be dismantled. There will be more blaming and pointing fingers. No one would want to accept their role in prolonging the suffering of citizens.

As another case in point, CNN’s Brian Stelter hosted a feature on the US mental health crisis precipitated by the “pandemic”. In his feature, Stelter points the finger to “doomsday doctors” whom he claims “are spreading an undue amount of fear”.[1] Meanwhile, in the same feature, CNN’s Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy admits that media is out of touch with the country regarding COVID. He said, “People are not really living in the same bubble that most of the media is messaging toward”.

The gaslighting has begun. Those who are responsible for this COVID fiasco will find scapegoats because they have no choice but to do so. Citizens are angry, and the day of reckoning is approaching fast.

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