February 21, 2024

Latest figures released by the NHS England shows that an overwhelming majority – 95% – of all COVID deaths in England and Wales had serious co-morbidities. The new figures were published last June 4, 2020.

Editor’s Note: This finding is no longer surprising as a similar result was reported by Italy in March [see 99% of coronavirus deaths in Italy had other illnesses]. Moreover, it is a confirmation of worldwide trends.

As we already knew earlier that it is the ill  (along with the elderly) who are most vulnerable to the COVID-19, this pronouncement is only a reiteration of the call for more targeted solutions. Sweeping lockdowns must be lifted, and greater attention should be given to those who are most at risk for the COVID-19 disease. [There are already a number of researches showing that lockdowns do not work. See article category Is A Lockdown Necessary?]

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