February 21, 2024

April study shows the coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different strains


In this article for New York Post, Christopher Carbone looks at the result of a Chinese study showing that the novel coronavirus has undergone at least 30 genetic variations. The study was carried out by professor Li Lanjuan and colleagues from the Zhejiang University found some aggressive strains that were able to generate 270 times the viral load. These strains were also found to have the capacity to kill human cells the fastest.

Editor’s Note: When this article came out in April, people were panicked. But now, two months after, world data shows us that the fatality rate of COVID-19 remains very low and that those most vulnerable to the virus are still the elderly and immunocompromised. This means that even though some strains were found to have been more infectious than others, the nature of the virus remains the same.

Because the novel coronavirus undergoes rapid genetic mutation, vaccines, which are typically based on a fixed viral strain, will be useless. The only way we can deal with the new coronavirus is by natural means – by boosting individual and collective immunities. 

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