May 26, 2024

Facebook continues crack down on links to alternative platforms


When the Plandemic video was taken down by YouTube, individuals saved, reuploaded, and re-shared the video through Facebook. But Facebook learned its lesson and began blocking alternative platforms which hosted the video. 

When altCensored cataloged the Plandemic documentary, Facebook blocked the preview images to the site which then led to the abrupt drop in traffic. The following article from Reclaim The Net details this censorship issue.

Editor’s Note: Facebook has become a major source of traffic for many websites, but few people realize that the platform actually has a lot of ways to hide content. Many of its strategies for censoring content is very subtle.

We have experienced such censorship. We shall write more about our experience in future articles. [To learn about censorship and why we think it is not necessary in a free society, read The Pandemic Of Censorship]. 

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