June 25, 2024

Biologist proves that measles is not a virus


There is no scientific study that can prove the existence of the measles virus. This was the decision of the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) after experts scrutinized the results of six independent  publications. 

According to the ruling, virologists have misinterpreted the cells believed to have constituted the measles virus. 

The error came because no control experiments have been conducted and researches were based on the belief of the existence of disease-causing viruses. The myth of the measles virus has led to increased rate of vaccination-induced disabilities.

Editor’s Note: The following article shows us that some scientific facts we believe in are false. If scientists do not remain faithful to the scientific method, and if they continue to perform researches to verify their beliefs, they will end up causing more harm to people. 

Meanwhile, one must note that despite this court ruling, majority of doctors still believe that measles is a disease-causing virus as this news has not reached the mainstream. Could COVID-19 end up another myth meant to manipulate people into accepting fast track vaccine? [There is a huge issue surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, read Vaccines: Trojan Horses For Global Sterilization And Surveillance to learn more].

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