April 15, 2024

The following article published by the Swiss Policy Research on December 31, 2021, summarizes the information we know about Omicron. Some of the points it raised included the following:

  1. Omicron appears to really cause fewer severe cases of COVID regardless of vaccination and immunity status.
  2. The risk of hospitalization or death was about 50% lower among Omicron cases compared to Delta cases.
  3. Omicron achieves high viral loads in upper airways but has lower viral loads in the lungs, hence explaining its rapid spread and short incubation period.
  4. Current vaccines achieve almost no neutralization against Omicron. Even with boosters, protection wanes within weeks. This means that vaccine passports are useless or are counterproductive.
  5. In many countries infection cases are higher among vaccinated than the unvaccinated.
  6. Previous protection provides good protection, but it can no longer prevent reinfection.
  7. Antibodies from Omicron provides protection against Delta.
  8. The data indicates that Omicron came from an unnatural origin. It could be due to a lab experiment or a variant created by the molnupiravir drug trial in South Africa.

Editor’s Note: These are the most current information we know about Omicron. Based on this, it remains a mystery why governments continue to promote vaccination, and why there is extreme fear-mongering about the “possibly deadly” outcome of Omicron (see examples below).

We think that the complete disregard of the power of natural infection is one of the reasons why people cannot see Omicron as a “gift” for humankind.

A vaccine-free, immunocompromised individual now has a lower risk of death and hospitalization following infection with the Omicron variant. Once this person recovers, he or she will have developed immunity against Omicron and several strains of COVID [see New Study Shows Natural Immunity More Protective Over Time Than COVID Vaccination, Qatar Study Shows Naturally Immune People at Little Risk of Reinfection, Hundreds of Researches Confirm Natural Immunity is Complete and Longer-lasting, More Powerful than COVID Vaccines, Thousands of Physicians and Scientists Reach Consensus: Natural Immunity Works, Children Do Not Need COVID Vaccination, Geert Vanden Boosche: Natural immunity, not vaccines, will create herd immunity, Immune system has 27x more protective power than vaccines: Case for COVID vaccine passports demolished, The Science is Clear: Our Immune System Can Confer Natural Immunity Against COVID and its Variants, Your immune system can protect you from COVID and all its future variants, anyone who says otherwise is lying, New study finds mild COVID creates lasting antibody producing cells, New study: T-cells induced by COVID infection can respond to new SARS-CoV-2 variants, Our immune system evolves to fight coronavirus variants].

We think that governments should focus on ensuring that health facilities and the needs of vulnerable populations, not on the marketing of vaccines. People who need the vaccines should be allowed to take them, but governments should no longer waste resources coercing people to get vaccinated, or policing and monitoring the implementation of “health protocols”.

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