June 16, 2024

What is the Purpose of All These Restrictions on the Unvaxxed?


In order to answer this day’s FAQ, we scoured the Philippines’ mainstream media for sources. Here are the top two that are leading so far:

We have discussed in our previous FAQs why these two reasons are unacceptable. For example, the first reason, that such restrictions force more people to take the vaccine, focuses only on a long-debunked fallacy that these vaccines are safe for all people.

It disregards the reality that these vaccines are harmful, and that some people, even if they want to take these vaccines, cannot do so due to their physical and emotional conditions, as well as their religious belief systems.

The second reason, that these restrictions will help keep our economy working and prevent more people from dying is equally illogical, especially if we look at our current data.

The implications of Image 1 below are clear: even as the Philippines has reached record-high vaccination rates, it has also reached record-high case rates. Moreover, daily COVID deaths in the Philippines increased after the vaccines were rolled out.

Whereas in the early months of COVID, and even during the time when the government lifted its lockdowns, 7-day rolling average of COVID deaths peaked at 0.96 per million people in September 2020, by August 2021, the 7-day rolling average was already at 2.38 per million people. In fact, the lowest 7-day rolling averages of COVID deaths post-vaccine rollout happened during the holidays, from December 29, 2021 to January 7, 2022 (ranging from 0.42 to 0.54 per million people) which were only slightly lower than the peak in 2021.

Image 1: Vaccine doses (per 100) vs. New Cases (per 1M), vs. New deaths (per 1M) vs. Patients in ICU (per 1M), Philippines, as of January 19, 2022. Source: https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations

If COVID could be eradicated by government restrictions, then Australia would already be COVID-free, and all restrictions lifted. We know that is not happening there, even when they have a vaccination rate of 82%[1]https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations.

Meanwhile, we know for sure that vaccines will not end this pandemic, based on the experience of Israel.

It is becoming clear that the goal now is not vaccine-induced herd immunity. It is to vaccinate 100% of the population and for people to avoid seeing the effect of the Antibody-Dependent Enhancement that these “vaccines” are sure to inflict on the vaccinated.

In fact, as vaccination rates increase, and more restrictions are implemented, the government wants to continue cornering the vaccine-free for their increasing COVID cases and hospitalization. This, despite the scientifically-accepted facts that the vaccinated are ALSO carriers of the COVID, and that they too, can die from the virus.

The reality is that other countries, just need a scapegoat for the failed pandemic response. Notice how governments have boxed all unvaccinated individuals as “anti-vax”, and how social media platforms have banned all expert views expressing contrarian opinion? They have ensured that anyone who disagreed with the mainstream narrative is marginalized. Well, that’s just one stage of gaslighting.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, we think that our leaders are just so clueless, they’re now just implementing whatever is being implemented in other countries. See how the problems raised in 2021 are still the same problems we are experiencing today?

With all these realities, the question for the Philippine government is: what now? What happens if these new round of restrictions targetted at the unvaccinated fails to control the virus?

Though we are primarily fighting for our right not to take the vaccine, we are also fighting for sanity to return to its proper place in science. The science is revealing: these illegal policies and mandates being crafted by our “creative” politicians have no bearing on the “pandemic”. Why are they still in place?

The bigger question is: why can’t the representative from the Philippines’ Supreme Court see that these restrictions are illegal and must be stopped?

8 thoughts on “What is the Purpose of All These Restrictions on the Unvaxxed?

  1. Another excellent article! I read in other places that one purpose of forcing everyone to be inoculated with this experimental gene therapy they are calling a “vaccine” is to eliminate the unvaccinated control group.

    Without an unvaccinated control group there will no longer be a group to compare the surge in the vaccinated group’s ADE and the other numerous vaccine related injuries & deaths. Thank you for emphasizing that point,

  2. https://www.howbadismybatch.com/expiry.html Gives numerical analysis of government statistics of covid adverse affects by states and jab lot numbers. Living in KY, and in a Republican state, increases risk from jabs dramatically. Lots without expiration dates are risk free.

    lifesitenews.com.  Toxicity of vaccine batches vary. VAERS believes less than 1% of adverse reactions are reported. “‘We are now absolutely certain it is not the same stuff in every vial’ and ‘criminal acts are being committed’ .”

    https://lettreelectronique.wordpress.com/2021/12/06/graphene-covid-kill-shots-let-the-evidence-speak-for-itself-global-research/ A comprehensive list of reports of graphene being used in vaccines since 2001. many references include Dr. Young and Spanish. Pharmacy companies do NOT list ingredients as required by law.

    https://www.graphene-info.com/graphene-dna-sequencing A publication dedicated to use of graphene that discusses spontaneous molecular self assembly and DNA sequencing after contact with human fluid. GO dates from 2001. Editor source of info ?

    If select vaccines can self-assemble microcomputers, can the razor sharp magnetic graphene be remotely controlled and agitated which would lacerate vessel walls and form blood clots ?
    If so, Great Reset dissent —after being jabbed— can be hazardous.


    1. Which is weird, particularly in the Philippines. Remember how our government large resources just to eliminate the “left”? So maybe it is not “communism” that they want to adopt, but really just totalitarianism, where they are the ones who are in control of all aspects of our lives.

  4. those who choose not to receive the fake-vaccines becomes the “control group” and it will become very obvious that those fake vaccines are what they really are. a gene-editing toxic substance that will reprogram your DNA. So, yeah. Thanks but no thanks. My body, my choice. No government or any other human being has the right to impose their will on my decision to get fake-vaccinated or not.

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