May 29, 2024

This is the reason why authorities want 100% COVID vaccination


In this August 22, 2021, The Daily Expose tries to make sense of the nearly universal push for 100% vaccination within countries. According to the article, “The answer is obvious when you think about it. They can’t have a “control group” of unvaccinated people, because if there is then it will become abundantly clear that the COVID-19 injections don’t work, cause severe injuries, and kill people”.

The article says that the narrative that COVID vaccines are the only route back to normal has collapsed, as evidenced by the experience of Israel and the UK. Israel, once the model for beating COVID through vaccination now has one of the highest infections in the world [new evidence from Israel is also showing that the Majority of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel are fully vaccinated]. Meanwhile, data from Public Health Scotland shows that the vaccinated accounts for 73% of alleged COVID deaths and that the fully vaccinated are suffering five times higher death rates than the unvaccinated. Data from Public Health England is also showing that 58% of alleged COVID deaths are from the vaccinated (the figure goes up to 68% if we include the partially vaccinated), with the vaccinated suffering a three (3) times higher death rate compared to the unvaccinated [also see New lies revealed: Death rate from Delta variant 6x higher among fully vaccinated and The evidence is in: Vaccines have failed, more dangerous than the virus].

The author also says the following: “These COVID-19 injections are clearly accelerating sickness and death and it’s the middle of summer. Therefore it is quite possible that the largest wave of hospitalizations and deaths on record could be suffered this coming winter throughout the most vaccinated countries”.

Editor’s Note: We must remember that no coronavirus vaccine has ever been created because of the dangers they present. Now we are seeing the evidence for antibody-dependent enhancement and pathogenic priming [see What is pathogenic priming? and Episode 1: Is Sinovac safe? Should I vaccinate?]. Even if our governments ignore the signals, we, citizens should pay attention because, in the end, we are the ones who are going to suffer [also see Leaked Pfizer contracts show they knew of adverse effects and lack of long-term efficacy of vaccines].

To better understand the importance of keeping a “control group” of unvaccinated individuals, we recommend you watch the video in the article: Dr. Peter McCullough: We need to create a block of people who will not take the vaccine, and the vaccine narrative will collapse. We are not only protecting ourselves by not taking the vaccine, but we are also giving future generations the chance to fight back against the growing tyranny which aims to control our children’s lives.

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