April 19, 2024

Second Part of Principle Trial Confirms the Budesonide effective for Early Stage COVID


This article was published by Oxford Biometric Research Centre on August 12, 2021. The report is about a UK-wide clinical study confirming the findings of an earlier Oxford BRC-supported study showing that the early treatment with the inhaled asthma medication budesonide speeds up recovery from COVID-19 and reduces the risk of hospitalization and death. [See PRINCIPLE Trial confirms Budesonide shortens recovery time in non-hospitalized COVID patients; No need for vaccines: Clinical trial shows alternative treatment can reduce COVID hospitalization by 90%.]

In the latest randomized study included 4,700 participants aged 65 years or older or over 50 years old with co-morbidities and who have been unwell for up to 14 days with suspected COVID-19 but not admitted to the hospital. This study was published in Lancet on August 10, 2021

Prof Mona Bafadhel, one of the PRINCIPLE Trial authors, stated: “Very proud to have worked with getting this trial done. Inhaled Budesonide in high-risk populations with early COVID-19 quickened recovery of symptoms and reduced risk of hospitalization/death. This trial replicates the Phase 2 STOIC trial findings … Another weapon in the battle against COVID-19. This one is affordable and available worldwide now.”

Editor’s Note: This study indicates that investigators’ interests in finding a cure for COVID-19 do not wane over time. This is part of the previous PRINCIPLE Study (linked above) with more participants and has established affordable options to mitigate COVID-19 disease.

In July 2020, Dr. Richard Bartlett went viral on social media when he claimed that Budesonide is a good treatment for COVID-19. Instead of investigating his statement, other doctors questioned Bartlett’s assertion and warned against blanket claims on inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) preventing COVID-19, through further trials were encouraged, and the data we discussed above supports Bartlett’s previous claim.

We add this article to this website to reiterate and establish that there are cost-effective treatments for COVID-19 contrary to the narratives from mainstream media (MSM), big pharma, and US Center for Disease Control (CDC) saying that is no available cure for COVID.  Yes, there is no approved treatment, but repurposed drugs are alternative options for COVID-19 such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine in combination with Zinc, Vitamin D3, and a high dosage of Vitamin C.

Several countries have been using these repurposed drugs and have had favorable results in treating covid-19. These drugs have saved many lives despite the smear campaigns launched against them. (See Singapore study shows throat spray and hydroxychloroquine reduce risk of COVID-19; Hydroxychloroquine can dramatically ease the COVID-19 crisis; Italy’s Council of State OK’s hydroxychloroquine as treatment for COVID-19; Hydroxychloroquine: Uganda’s secret weapon against COVID-19; Didier Raoult takes hydroxychloroquine battle to court; New study: Hydroxychloroquine is effective and safe for the treatment of COVID-19; India’s Uttar Pradesh moving towards being covid-free, Ivermectin central to virus control; Ivermectin wins in court again; FLCCC meta-review on the efficacy of Ivermectin as prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19, now published in a journal; Phil governors call for use of Ivermectin; Mary Beth Pfeiffer: Not using Ivermectin is unethical and immoral; Why Ivermectin is the best treatment for COVID; Evidence shows that Ivermectin can prevent and treat COVID-19; Ivermectin: Another drug proven to treat COVID-19].

There are pieces of evidence to show that while these repurposed drugs are effective in treating and antidotal in COVID-19, smear campaigns and misinformation propaganda are also on the rise. [See YouTube deletes 2015 video of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Satoshi Ōmura discussing ivermectin; How Ivermectin’s success has been suppressed by mainstream media; Facebook Oversight Board overturns decision to remove a post relating to hydroxychloroquine; Scientific fraud at top medical journals affect world COVID-19 policy.].

Several areas are using alternative treatments to support their health care systems. For example, Uttar Pradesh has distributed emergency kits that contain Paracetamol tablets, Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. [See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO9cjy3Rydc skip video to timestamp 2:33.]. This prophylaxis and early treatment are miraculous in Uttar Pradesh, and until this writing, they have zero death. [See India’s Uttar Pradesh moving towards being covid-free, Ivermectin central to virus control; Uttar Pradesh Government Declares its 33 Districts COVID-Free. Also, read this additional lengthy analysis about Ivermectin and Uttar Pradesh success which is being withheld by mainstream media https://understandingdeeppolitics.org/indias-ivermectin-blackout-the-secret-revealed/].

We would like to appeal to the Philippines LGU to emulate the success of Uttar Pradesh. Why put your budget on expensive options like Remdesevir if there are repurposed drugs that will be better suited for COVID. [See Phil governors call for use of Ivermectin; Bacolod Council to study Ivermectin as possible COVID treatment. Also, read New study: WHO data shows Remdesevir causes serious bradycardia among COVID-19 patients;  WHO study shows remdesivir offers no benefit to COVID-19 patients].

Big Pharma does not want to accept that there are cures for COVID. The reason for this is that the Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines will be voided once there are approved drugs for COVID treatment. So they are prolonging and hindering deliberations in relation to repurposed drugs. With all the increasing numbers of repurposed drugs that can be used for COVID prophylaxis and treatment, it is now possible to declare that we can open the Philippines and stop using fear to control the people [also see Studies show Aspirin lowers risk of COVID].

People are already scared enough of a harmless virus. Maybe it’s high time to change the course and allow them to go back to everyday life. 18 months should be more than enough to fool us, it is time to awaken from our deep slumber [See the scientific evidence that we have been duped, scammed, and misled by purveyors of this plandemic read, Ending the COVID-19 “Scamdemic”; Covid Mandates: Unscientific, Irrational and Fraudulent, Dozens of Reasons to Stop Them Now; Top scientists and doctors join forces to refute mainstream COVID lies.]

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