June 25, 2024

Why Ivermectin is the best treatment for COVID


The following is a French article written by Dr. Gerard Maudrux. It was originally published on February 28, 2021 by France Soir.

In this article, we discover Ivermectin, considered as one of the most useful drugs to mankind, alongside Penicillin and Aspirin. The article shows us the various uses of the drug to show its effectiveness and safety. Unlike other the other two drugs which have side effects on other organs, Ivermectin is completely harmless. Maudrux cites various studies to prove this point.

The article also looks at Ivermectin’s mode of action and therapeutic action to determine how it can be used effectively to treat COVID-19. To end the article, Maudrux explains why Ivermectin has not been officially authorized to treat COVID-19. He says, “The problem with Ivermectin is that it has fallen into the public domain, anyone can make it…why would he [Merck, the original patent holder for Ivermectin] spend a few millions for others to benefit?

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Editor’s Note: Several studies are already showing that Ivermectin does wonders for COVID-19 treatment [see Evidence shows that Ivermectin can prevent and treat COVID-19 and Ivermectin: Another drug proven to treat COVID-19]. Why isn’t the government financing a robust study to establish its effectiveness? As Maudrux pointed out in his article, if no other corporation wants to spend money to get the drug reviewed so that it can be auhorized as COVID-19 treatment, the government must take the initiative, if it was truly defending public interest.

Unfortunately, this pandemic has been about selling expensive tests, expensive drugs, and expensive vaccines. COVID-19 was a smokescreen for pushing of personal, and political agenda, and the general public, composed mostly of the young and healthy, are left to suffer for the government’s mistakes.

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