May 27, 2024

Mary Beth Pfeiffer: Not using Ivermectin is unethical and immoral


The following is an article written by Mary Beth Pfeiffer for Trial Site News. Pfeiffer is an award-winning journalist and the author of the books Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change and Crazy in America: The Hidden Tragedy of Our Criminalized Mentally Ill.

In this article, Pfeiffer looks at some of the evidences for Ivermectin, including the almost miraculous recovery of an 80-year-old woman in late-stage COVID. Pfeiffer also shows that Ivermectin offers benefits for every stage of the disease and lists a a number evidences showing that the drug is safe and effective as treatment for COVID-19. She says that with all the evidences available, and the rising ICU and ER admission in several areas in the US, withholding Ivermectin as treatment for COVID-19 “cannot be defended as medically or morally principled”.

Editor’s Note: If COVID-19 were truly a deadly disease, health organizations would probably be scrambling to find any available drug or protocol that can ease its clinical impact. But that is not what’s happening. Instead, we are seeing politicians debating non-urgent issues, and implementing illogical and unscientific solutions. We see the health “experts” making contradictory statements and blatant lies. Truly, COVID-19 cannot be deadly, for they still have the time to do other stuff instead of dealing with the so-called crisis.

Moreover, health experts continue to deny the efficacy of generic drugs even though they have long-term data for safety, and a number of small, but credible studies proving its effectiveness. In its place, these health experts are recommending a parade of new and expensive drugs and treatment regimens. It is it because there is no money to earn from generic drugs?

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1 thought on “Mary Beth Pfeiffer: Not using Ivermectin is unethical and immoral

  1. if this is such a crisis, Why weren’t GOVERNMENT employees forced to stay home and not get a paycheck like the rest of us?

    REMEMBER: EXACTLY how does the WHO, CDC, NIH define “effectiveness”
    “These COVID vaccines are preventing clinical disease, we don’t know if they prevent transmission [of the SARS-CoV-2 virus],” says infectious disease expert Chris Beyrer, MD of the Johns Hopkins
    ‘ More recently, Dr. Fauci was asked specifically by Newsweek if people who get a COVID-19 vaccines could still pass on the SARS-CoV-2 to others. He answered: “That’s a good question. We don’t know that yet. We do not know if the vaccines that prevent clinical disease also prevent infection.” ”
    Both Fauci and WHO stated that taking the experimental drugs will NOT keep you from getting the china virus

    YALE Study:
    How to use behavioral questioning to force people into taking the shot: persuade; Use of Guilt – it is your fault if you deny the shot and Grandma dies, Fear- a lot of that lately; personal freedom ; embarrassment – imagine the embarrassment they will feel if they don’t get vaccinated and spread the disease.; Anger-imagine the anger they will feel if they don’t get vaccinated and spread the disease. ; truth- believe the science we tell you; Bravery- Those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are not brave; economic interest – If you take the shot the economy will get better; You are not patriotic unless you take the shot.

    Excellent 8 min monologue:
    Homeless: Was there been a sudden rise of death in 2020 of the homeless population? They do not wear masks or keep social distancing. Please show us the data or studies saying why they are a priority for the medication.
    1.5 million people died from Tuberculosis in 2019: Why weren’t we made to wear masks then?
    According to Fauci, CDC, FDA or NIH only data in long-term, double blind, with animals studies to back up evidence are required — oh wait- that is only if you want to use a generic medication to stop the spread and save lives immediately. What did the mRNA studies with animals show to justify the new $$$$ (patent owned by government) meds?

    Stats: what is or where to find the actual data for each State to compare 2019 vs 2020: Mortality overall; total death rate;

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