May 26, 2024

PRINCIPLE Trial confirms Budesonide shortens recovery time in non-hospitalized COVID patients


The following article was published by University of Oxford on April 12, 2021. It reports on the findings of the Oxford University’s Platform Randomised Trial of Interventions against COVID-19 in Older People (PRINCIPLE) Trial. According to the study, early treatment with inhaled budesonide shortens recovery time by a median of three days in patients who are at high risk of severe COVID illness.

In a statement to the press, joint chief investigator Professor Chris Butler said, ‘PRINCIPLE, the world’s largest platform trial of community-based treatments for COVID-19, has found evidence that a relatively cheap, widely available drug with very few side effects helps people at higher risk of worse outcomes from COVID-19 recover quicker, stay better once they feel recovered, and improves their wellbeing. We therefore anticipate that medical practitioners around the world caring for people with COVID-19 in the community may wish to consider this evidence when making treatment decisions, as it should help people with COVID-19 recover quicker”.

The PRINCIPLE trial confirms an earlier finding found by a smaller research conducted by STOIC (Steroids in COVID-19 Study), also initiated by Oxford University. The PRINCIPLE Trial is a larger trial and involving 1,779 participants. It was sponsored by the UK Government.

Editor’s Note: As more and more treatment options for COVID-19 are coming out, we hope that the government will finally realize that there are many ways to safely reopen our country. We don’t need to wait for vaccines to “free” us from the prison we created for ourselves. Budesonide, along with Ivermectin, Vitamin D, and/or hydroxychloroquine, show that our lives can go back to normal, if we only listened to reason and let go of the fear.

We want to clarify, however, that we are not proposing that our government should automatically utilize budesonide for COVID-19 patients. We however stress the need for governments to allow doctors who have first-hand experiences in using repurposed drugs to cure COVID-19, to be heard in the public sphere. We underscore the need to offer the public access to these possibly therapeutic drugs, particularly those that have track record of efficacy, and are proven to be safe (hello, ivermectin!).

We can expect that as word goes out about Budesonide, a new smear campaign will be launched against it. It would be interesting to see how mainstream media will spin this new story. We, however, hope that our government leaders remember their sacred oath to serve and protect their people. We hope that they become discerning so that they will not be susceptible to the lies of Big Pharma advocates who mask themselves as “health experts”. [Read No need for vaccines: Clinical trial shows alternative treatment can reduce COVID hospitalization by 90% to understand why it is necessary for Big Pharma to establish that there are no existing drugs that can treat COVID-19].

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2 thoughts on “PRINCIPLE Trial confirms Budesonide shortens recovery time in non-hospitalized COVID patients

  1. The BMJ copy of the report is here:

    From a hospital system’s point of view, the relevant statistics are here:
    8.5% (59 of 692) in the budesonide group were admitted to hospital with covid-19 compared with 10.3% (100 of 968) in the usual care group (estimated percentage benefit, 2.1% (95% BCI -0.7% to 4.8%), probability of superiority 0.928).

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