July 22, 2024

Will Vaccinating Our Children Make Our Society COVID-Safe? 

Will Vaccinating Our Children Make Our Society COVID-Safe? 

To answer this question, we must look at the risk that children pose to societies. Are they carriers of COVID? Evidence shows that they are not. This means then, that vaccinating your children will offer no additional benefit to themselves and to our society.

Will COVID vaccines prevent children from getting sick? Again, there is no evidence that there is a need to protect children from getting COVID. What we need to do is to keep our children healthy.

The evidence shows that children infected with covid and who experienced severe COVID infections were already ill.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci himself declared that children hospitalized due to covid are overcounted.

Countries that have reopened schools amidst pandemic in 2020 had not triggered a new wave of infection.

Furthermore, the Philippines is one of the two countries frozen with fear of opening schools. Other countries have reopened their schools long before vaccines were introduced and we have not heard of a surge of COVID deaths among children following the resumption of face-to-face classes in other countries.

Consider this: initially, the Department of Health and Department of Education released a joint memorandum circular No. 1 which enabled teachers and employees to participate in pilot school reopenings regardless of their vaccination status. The circular adds a disclaimer: “those with stable co-morbidities may join voluntarily.”

However, on February 2, 2022, DepEd published office order, 00-OSEC-2022-003, Interim Guidelines on the Expansion of Limited Face to Face classes, and item 1 (g) states: “only vaccinated teachers may participate and vaccinated learners shall be preferred.”

What caused DepEd to change its policy? And is this going to be used as a rationale for creating vaccine mandates for children?

Will vaccinating our children make our society safe from covid?

Can they contribute to herd immunity? Clearly, the answer to these questions is NO.

Undoubtedly, there are already aware and awakened parents to the truth, hence the resistance and dissent against covid jab to children.

Experts resolutely endorsed NOT to vaccinate children against covid because the risks outweigh the purported benefits.

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