February 25, 2024

Philippines, Venezuela last two countries to keep schools closed


In this September 8, 2021 article for the Philippine Star, Christian Deiparine reports that by the end of the month, there will only be two countries in the world that have not yet resumed face-to-face classes: the Philippines in Asia and the other is Venezuela.

Kuwait, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia have all moved to reopen their schools.

President Rodrigo Duterte has rejected all calls for a pilot study, insisting that children must first be vaccinated. Meanwhile, Dr. Mercedes Arzadon, convenor of the webinar featuring UNICEF’s findings on reopening of schools said, “It is plain ridiculous for our schools to remain indefinitely closed when there have been plenty of studies and successful experiences from other countries that prove safe school reopening are not only possible but necessary.”

Editor’s Note: All the reasons and evidence for reopening schools are available for our government officials to review. In fact, it was safe to reopen as early as last year [read Expert panel recommends reopening of schools for young children and children with special needs, 60+ doctors and educators release statement on the situation of children and adolescents during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, American Academy of Pediatrics release recommendations for school re-opening, German experts: Schools and daycare centers should be reopened, Finland schools reopening a success, Reopening of schools has not triggered a new wave of coronavirus infections].

If schools in the Philippines do not yet reopen, it is not because children are in danger of the virus. Rather, it is because our government leaders are incompetent and shortsighted. They do not have our children’s best interest as their primary goal. [There are many disadvantages to school closures, see Children learned next to nothing during distance schooling, UN: COVID-shut schools in 19 nations risk ‘generational catastrophe’, WHO: Closure of schools should be considered only if there is no other alternative].

In addition, the Philippines is the only country in the world with faceshield mandates. Do you still think it’s fun to be in the Philippines?

If you want to learn more about this topic, visit the page on School and Children.

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