May 26, 2024

Is the Waning Antibodies a Sign of Lost Immunity?


The answer is NO. The immune response recedes once an individual recovers, prominently via reduced antibodies. It is not only natural; it is indispensable to reconstruct the body to a normal balanced state.  

Just as a permanent state of fever would be harmful, a high number of targetless antibodies or T-cells constantly circulating throughout the body could create serious complications such as autoimmune diseases.

However, this decrease in T-cells and antibodies doesn’t mean immunity is gone. This shows that the immune system has adjusted to the new situation and is now a “watchman”: Memory B- and T-cells circulating in the blood are embedded for decades:

A temporary dis-balance is an acceptable trade-off to fight and drive out the virus during an infection. It is where we get the fever to damage as many virions[1] as possible; once the infection is gone, the fever dissipates. T-cells self-destruct rapidly, and antibodies wane progressively; no one would ever accept permanent fever… So, why take permanently high antibodies?

Data shows the waning efficacy of the covid jabs, thus the need for booster shots. Should we resort to booster doses and forever live with high antibodies?

The danger has never been discussed by ‘experts’ because they want you dependent on these experimental gene therapies like an addict. Of course, they will not tell us their policies are failures.

Will booster shots protect the vaccinated individual from infection and reinfection, or will they lead to unwanted health disorders?

Also, do the Philippine health experts investigate the adverse events following the covid jabs and boosters? Seemingly, they don’t; they are all coincidences and blame the underlying conditions for the injuries, disease progression, and fatalities.

Our immune system is a mystery and a gift to us by the Divine Source, which is now being hijacked through experimental gene therapy. Waning antibodies doesn’t mean losing immunity; we lose our natural immunity once we succumb to experimental medical intervention in the guise of a covid vaccine.

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