June 16, 2024

Are COVID-Recovered Unvaccinated Children at Risk of Reinfection?


Science has shown that healthy children’s chances of getting infected and dying of covid are nearly zero. 

A small observational study about unvaccinated children getting low antibodies after covid-infection should not alarm parents of healthy children.

Children could produce fewer antibodies because they have a more robust innate immune response than adults. The following are validations why you as parents should not overreact and scurry to get your child vaccinated against covid.

Are children at risk for Covid-19 that would warrant a vaccine? What does the evidence show?

Some studies show children are “at risk” of reinfection, but their immune systems are primed for SARS-CoV-2.

And children who got severely ill are already sick or those with co-morbidities.

When covid among healthy children is inconsequential, it has also been established that they are not carriers of covid; why the compulsion to vaccinate this group? Why are the authorities after the children when data shows the risk of covid jabs outweigh the benefits if there’s any?

You, parents, would you buy this fear-peddling on reinfection when your child has a powerful immune system to fight the disease the first time it appears? Would you wager your child’s health to appease that fear? Are you ready to deal with vaccine side effects (including death), so your child can be protected from a mild illness? Think before it’s too late!

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