April 20, 2024

Dr. Paul Alexander: “Pfizer offered me $1 million and $50,000 monthly wage, I said no”


The following article was published by Dr. Paul Alexander on Substack last March 22, 2022. It relates the story of how Pfizer offered him a job and a huge amount of monthly salary, and why he chose to reject it despite his “limited, patchy, broken income due to being canceled, smeared”.

Alexander says, “I am in the fight for my peoples, my family, my children, and the world I will leave behind one day. I have lost enough that I cannot go back now.”

He adds, “I am hurt financially, personally, as are a core 12-15 of us globally who have stood up, but the fight we are in is beyond money. Those of us who have been canceled have been hurt, name wise, career-slandered, etc. But for each person, there is a time in life that we chose to stand up or not…Money is not the key in life. There is something called a line of integrity that must not shift based on money.”

Editor’s Note: Whereas Alexander has chosen to reject such a huge offer of money that could have changed his life, there are people like Albert Bourla who profit from the suffering of vaccine victims [see Pfizer CEO received $24.3 million in compensation for 2021]. It is Big Pharma and its cohorts who are gaining from this “scamdemic”, why can’t people see that their conflict of interest?

For those who didn’t know, Paul Alexander is one of the most credentialled scientists who are fighting against COVID tyranny in Canada. His detractors describe him as an inconsequential researcher, but his background speaks volumes. He is a former consultant of the World Health Organization (WHO) and was a senior advisor to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in the early days of COVID. Since the beginning, Alexander has been advocating for a moderate strategy that did not include lockdowns. But as you know, already, he has been actively smeared and was eventually forced out of the HHS for his position.

Alexander’s article shows us the kind of sacrifices that freedom fighters around the world have had to face in order to fight for the truth. The fight for life and liberty has not been easy, especially in countries like Canada, where a large number of politicians are puppets [see Canadian experience shows glimpse of totalitarian future we can expect if citizens do not pushback, David Sacks: Social credit system has arrived in Canada, Canada School of Public Service panel proposes digital IDs tied to vaccine passports].

Are we even surprised why there are only very few doctors in the Philippines who are actively speaking up against the excessive and illogical policies implemented by our own government?

What have we to gain by going against the mainstream narrative? Why do we continue down this path despite the difficulties we experience? For us here at CCH, the goal is clear: we want our children to experience the same kind of freedom that we experienced. We want people to understand that human dignity is non-negotiable, not even in the event of a “super deadly” virus that could wipe out the entire human race.

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