May 30, 2024

Canada School of Public Service panel proposes digital IDs tied to vaccine passports


In this March 26, 2022 article for Reclaim the Net, Ken Macon discusses the proposal put out by the Canada School of Public Service on the possibility of using digital IDs to track vaccination status.

Joni Brennan, the President of the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada said that digital IDs should be expanded to include vaccination status: “In terms of making this more real, perhaps, for some of the folks inside of government, I would say that we really need to close the chasm of what identity is and what identity does. When we’re talking about identifying someone in order to get them the vaccine and do that tracking that needs to be done to deliver the vaccine and know where and how to distribute it, that’s an identity issue. Knowing that the vaccine actually came from the company, that’s an identity issue”.

Editor’s Note: Remember our 2020 article entitled Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance? From 2 weeks of lockdowns, we are now talking about implementing a Digital ID system that would give governments ultimate control over their citizens [Is Ukraine’s Digital ID System a Blue Print for WEF’s Great Reset?, David Sacks: Social credit system has arrived in Canada].

The writing on the wall is clear for everyone to see. The only reason that people do not see the truth in our warnings is that they choose to remain blind.

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