June 16, 2024

Fauci: Be prepared to return to COVID restrictions if cases surge again


The following article was written by Kristine Parks and was published by Fox News last March 20, 2022. It reports on the recent statement of Dr. Anthony Fauci during an interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos asked Fauci if there were “any reason to reverse” the current “relaxation of restrictions” across the country, to which Fauci responded, “I don’t think so, George, not right now. I don’t see us going back into any more really very strict kinds of restrictions. But you always have to have the flexibility…if we do see a significant surge, particularly one that might result in increased hospitalizations, we have to be prepared to pivot and perhaps reinstitute some of those restrictions.”

Fauci has also stated that he won’t be leaving the public eye because “we still have a way to go” before we get out of the pandemic. [Also read Sen. Rand Paul files amendment to prevent rise of another pandemic “dictator in chief”].

Editor’s Note: This is what we mean when we say that the pandemic narrative is not over. Because of the unprecedented control governments had over their citizens in the past two years, they now have the incentive to keep us in a perpetual emergency.

We must find ways for governments to end the emergency laws that gave them the power to suspend our constitutional rights. We must also find ways to ensure that arbitrary suspension of our rights does not happen again. The fight will be different for every country, and it will be difficult, what with The Great Reset already creeping inside our institutions [see The Great Reset is Accelerating into Global Tyranny, Public Seminar Episode 29: The Great Reset is Here, Is Ukraine’s Digital ID System a Blue Print for WEF’s Great Reset?].

We must realize that gaining control over billions of people around the world is not the end goal of all of this. We can expect a more sinister agenda to unravel as we keep allowing these power grabbers to remain unaccountable for the wrongs they have done. It may sound difficult at the moment, but we must remember: only when people come together to fight for the future they want will we be able to shape our future. Now is not the time to be afraid.

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