May 25, 2024

In this March 23, 2022 article for The New York Times, Stephanie Nolen looks at COVID in Africa and tries to answer the question: Why is COVID not causing a large number of deaths in Africa compared to other high-income countries?

Nolen explores some of the possible reasons for Africa’s low COVID deaths: a young population, a preference for life outdoors, high temperatures, exposure to other pathogens, and underreporting. Based on her research, it is clear that for a country with limited resources like Africa, COVID-hysteria is counterproductive, as the continent has other, more serious health concerns to address. With the reality that vaccine protection wanes, making zero-COVID impossible, Nolen says, “ an immunization strategy that focuses on protecting just the most vulnerable would arguably be a better use of resources in a place such as Sierra Leone”.

Editor’s Note: We think that this entire article was written only to debunk claims that COVID has ended in Africa. Despite this, however, this article illustrates how governments have “mishandled” the COVID “pandemic”.

First, it is clear from Africa’s experience that testing did more harm than good [see Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: Test and tracing only creates panic]. The lack of testing in Africa enabled countries to rely on clinical presentations and reports of increased death to determine the existence of a “deadly virus”. And based on their experience, the “dreaded” COVID virus has been underwhelming as it failed to produce the expected deaths. We know this to be the same case in the Philippines, where no excess deaths appeared in the first year of the “pandemic” [read PSA data on deaths shows government either manipulating us or covering up their mistake].

Other countries padded their COVID deaths through testing. We now know that many deaths previously counted as COVID were merely incidental [see CDC removes tens of thousands of deaths “accidentally” attributed to COVID, The truth about COVID deaths is a coming out, Mainstream media stresses on lifting of masks, ignores death data showing death due to COVID much lower than previously reported, Governments now admitting: COVID deaths skewed by people who died of other causes, UK Office for National Statistics Admits ONLY 6,000 People Died of Covid-19 Instead of 150,000 Perpetuated by the UK Government and Mainstream Media].

While many people readily accept this as a “mistake”, having done the research on this, it is clear to us that over-counting COVID deaths were intentional [see COVID-19 PANDEMIC: THE PHILIPPINE EXPERIENCE, How COVID Testing Strategy Will Extend Pandemic Scare, Why PCR testing should not be used for public policy making, New York Times: More experts questioning RT-PCR testing].

Second, Africa’s experience shows that governments around the world made a “mistake” when they implemented sweeping lockdowns and one-size-fits-all strategies. It is now clear that the lockdowns have not stopped COVID transmission, and have been very damaging to economies and societies [see Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis destroys the Covid lockdown narrative, World Bank: Philippines’ reliance on prolonged lockdowns caused economic deterioration, The global economic impact of lockdowns, NEDA: 1 year of online learning will result in PHP 11 trillion loss in productivity over the next 40 years, Over a million cancer deaths could result due to lockdowns, Lockdowns have killed millions].

Third, the African experience also shows that lockdowns have prolonged the “pandemic” as it stopped people from contracting SARS-CoV-2 and stopped them from developing antibodies from natural immunity [Dr. Knut Wittkowski: Lockdowns are creating a new epidemic, Dr. Knut Wittkowski: A second wave of coronavirus infections will come as a direct result of social distancing and self isolation].

And while we understand that governments were only being cautious, prolonging the lockdowns until the vaccines came out was clearly unscientific and immoral. It is our governments, not COVID that has damaged our societies. The worst part is that the science of lockdowns (or the lack of it) has been pretty clear since the very beginning [see Will the real WHO please stand up?].

Why did governments choose to damage their own societies when it was clear that a focused approach would have allowed them to deal with the virus with minimal sacrifice? [See The Great Barrington Declaration: Life must return to normal for the healthy, the vulnerable must be protected].

Why do governments continue to deny natural immunity even as the dangers of the COVID “vaccine” are being revealed?

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