February 21, 2024

Head of German Vaccination Commission Says He Won’t Vaccinate His Child


The following article was written by Benjamin Hirsch editor for the Online Focus. It was published last December 3, 2021.

The report is a criticism of the recent statements made by Thomas Mertens, head of the German Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) a recent interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). In the interview, Mertens was asked, “If you had a seven or eight-year-old child, would you have them vaccinated?” To which Mertens answered, “Well, I probably wouldn’t get them vaccinated right now.”[1]To better understand the context of Mertens’ statements, we had to research what it was he said exactly. See … Continue reading

Mertens cites the lack of data from Israel and the USA regarding the tolerability of the vaccine in children aged 5 to 11 years. He also says that it still remains to be clarified what vaccination of young people means for the progression of the pandemic. He also criticizes the fact that the unwillingness of the 18 to 59-year-olds to be vaccinated should now be compensated for by vaccinating younger children.

Editor’s Note: Based on this smear piece, one can already see how local German media treat insights that are against the mainstream narrative. Take note that Mertens is already the head of Germany’s COVID vaccine rollout. He has been at the forefront of pushing adults to take the vaccines. His insights about vaccines for younger children do not invalidate the fact that he is pro-vax.

The article from Focus calls Mertens statements “careless” and accused the STIKO director of “generating unnecessary fear and mistrust in the population”. The article also asserts that Mertens’ statement has sent a fatal signal and that it has led to “completely unnecessary fears among parents in the country”, in the hope of invalidating the veracity of Mertens’ position.

And yet, we know that everything Mertens said in that interview has been proven by science. For one, it is a well-established fact that children are not in any danger even when infected by COVID [see Scientific evidence shows schools can clearly be opened, Study: Children are not superspreaders, time to go back to school, Science says it’s time to open schools, Study shows COVID-19 positive child did not infect peers].

Science also says that our children’s immune systems are more than capable of handling SARS-CoV-2 and that vaccine is unnecessary [see No Need for Vaccines: Children’s Immune Systems Primed and Ready for SARS-CoV-2, Thousands of Physicians and Scientists Reach Consensus: Natural Immunity Works, Children Do Not Need COVID Vaccination, Article from mainstream news confirms: Children do not need COVID vaccines to live life normally, Understanding the immune system of children may be the key to understanding susceptibility to SARS-COV-2].

In fact, new pieces of evidence are showing that vaccines could lead to dangerous adverse events for young children [see COVID Vaccines Would Kill 117 Children Aged Five to 11-Year-Olds in Order to Save One Child Dying from COVID, Expert: Costs of COVID Vaccines Outweigh Benefits, French Doctors Caution Against Vaccinating Healthy Children, 30% of Docs Say They Don’t Want Own Kids 5-11 to Get COVID Vaccine, Urgent message from doctors: Do not vaccinate kids, Oxford University Infectious Disease Experts Say NO to COVID Vaccines for Children, A Scientist Tells US FDA: “Please Do Not Give This to Kids”, Expert Asks FDA: Why are kids “Dropping like Flies” after COVID Vaccine?, COVID Vaccines for Children are as Fatal as for Adults’, One in 9 Children Suffered Severe Adverse Reaction from the COVID Vaccine].

The Focus article is a good example of how “cancel culture” looks like in action. What they are seeking is not unity, but conformity. When they say “listen to the science”, what they are actually saying is “listen only to what we are telling you”. Now ask yourself: Why do they want you to be blind to the scientific facts that are contrary to their “position”? What is it that they are not telling you?

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1 To better understand the context of Mertens’ statements, we had to research what it was he said exactly. See https://www.tellerreport.com/news/2021-12-02-children-s-vaccine-against-corona–stiko-boss-mertens-would-not-have-his-own-children-vaccinated.BkMMyd1UKY.html

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