June 16, 2024

Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin


The following article was written by Matthew Vadum and published by Epoch Times last December 1, 2021. It tells the story of an elderly COVID patient who recovered after a court forced the hospital where he was admitted to treat him with Ivermectin.

According to the report, the hospital insisted on administering remdesivir to the patient, Sun Ng, but the treatment failed. The hospital subsequently denied the patient’s daughter’s request to have her father treated with Ivermectin. Man Kwan Ng, Ng’s only child, filed a court petition on her father’s behalf and was granted by Judge Paul M. Fullerton of the Circuit Court of DuPage County.

In the court ruling, Fullerton said, “risks of these side effects are so minimal that Mr. Ng’s current situation outweighs that risk by one-hundredfold”.

Ng’s attorney, Kirstin M. Erickson says that the drug “most definitely” saved the patient’s life “because his condition changed right immediately after he took ivermectin”.

Patient Ng has recovered and was discharged from the hospital last November 27, 2021.

Editor’s Note: We add this article on this website to show people just how bad this scamdemic has become. Not only are our governments pushing a deadly vaccine on us, but our health care systems are also partaking in this “massacre” by withholding life-saving drugs [There are other stories like this, of patient families that required court intervention in order to save their loved ones, see Ivermectin wins in court again, Judge orders hospital to use Ivermectin COVID patient, 80-year old woman recovers. Also read Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association Chairman: Now is the time to use Ivermectin, Chairman of 6,000-strong Tokyo Medical Association supports giving Ivermectin to patients, India’s Uttar Pradesh moving towards being covid-free, Ivermectin central to virus control].

Our health system has become so corrupted. It seems as if the welfare of patients is no longer the top priority for our hospitals.

Why must patients have to get a court injunction in order for hospitals to allow physicians to treat their patients? Why would hospitals knowingly reject a court order when a patient’s life is on the line? We must never stop asking these kinds of questions because only by doing so will we be able to make sense of our current world.

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