February 22, 2024

Babies and Toddlers Subjected to an Experimental Gene Therapy to Test Safety of Pfizer and Moderna Covid Jabs


A November 23, 2021 article published in The Expose reported that over 3,000 babies and toddlers are injected with a dangerous experimental Gene Therapy as part of an experiment across the United States.

According to the report, the medical centers are currently working on behalf of Pfizer and Moderna by conducting experiments on children under the age of five to determine whether their Covid-19 mRNA injections are safe and effective for children of this age. One of the trial venues is the University of Wisconsin, and three thousand children have been selected to participate in this medical experiment.

Also, Dr. Steve Plimpton, the lead investigator for the Moderna study said that kids are considered “vectors” [or carriers of disease] and should be inoculated, which The Expose contradicted by saying: vaccinated people have proven to be carriers, and unvaccinated people have been found to have durable immunity [see No Need for Vaccines: Children’s Immune Systems Primed and Ready for SARS-CoV-2; Research shows fully vaccinated individuals infected with COVID have become presymptomatic superspreaders; Hundreds of Researches Confirm Natural Immunity is Complete and Longer-lasting, More Powerful than COVID Vaccines].

Editor’s Note: Gene therapy is the proper term to call these experimental jabs, it’s a chemical pathogen device meant to unleash a chemical pathogen action within a cell. [see Dr. David Martin reiterate that information in this video https://www.bitchute.com/video/QAKsikiS97Dn/. Also, see Bayer Pharmaceuticals President Admits mRNA “Vaccines” are Cell and Gene Therapy] This shows, these jabs require more stringent testing. The urgency of the approval and rollout of these experimental injections did not pass through the adequate investigation which could have assured their safety. Nevertheless, these jabs are not safe for humans especially for children who are never at risk of covid. [see Dr. Tess Lawrie: COVID vaccines unsafe for human use, also read Understanding the immune system of children may be the key to understanding susceptibility to SARS-COV-2].

These babies and toddlers aged two to four have just got out of the womb, their bodies are very fragile. How can anybody think that experimenting on babies is acceptable? When in fact when a woman is pregnant, she’s very cautious with whatever she takes inside her body, there are even doctors who do not recommend even mere paracetamol or coffee. Are we saying that the experimental ‘vaccines,’ with one year of existence in the market, are safer than paracetamol or coffee?

Any vaccines, along with experimental ones, are in utmost need of informed consent. These kids cannot exert their rights to informed consent, however, they’re the ones to suffer the consequences of their parents’ inability to think critically [see Microbiologist: “Enlisting kids in clinical trial is unfathomable”].

This ignorance will lead to disaster as covid jabs have already harmed a million adults [see VigiAccess Data Shows COVID Vaccines More Dangerous than Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine; Vaccine-injured Speak Out: DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE]. We are echoing the following points:

  1. How can we continue to believe the mantra is safe and effective when there is evidence to debunk this narrative? [See EMA finds vaccine link to heart inflammation; Dr. Charles Hoffe: mRNA vaccines will kill most people through heart failure, 62% already have microscopic blood clots; AI Analysis from US Department of Defense shows vaccines lead to more severe disease for fully vaccinated elderly; Guillian-Barre Syndrome after COVID vaccination more common than previously reported; Peer-reviewed research shows mRNA vaccines can cause neurodegenerative diseases; New York Times: Some recipients of experimental COVID vaccines developing rare autoimmune disease after jab; Long-term dangers of experimental mRNA shots].
  2. Pfizer particularly has concealed information, manipulated data, and has influenced the decision making within the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the same government agency tasked to safeguard against all these fraud [see Pfizer Manipulated Study Data to Get Emergency Use Authorization 12-to-15 Year-olds; Pfizer Concealed Documents Proving that Covid Jab Will Kill Children; Leaked Pfizer contracts show they knew of adverse effects and lack of long-term efficacy of vaccines; Whistleblower Working for Company Testing Pfizer COVID Vaccines Says Company Falsified Data, Engaged in Questionable Research Practices; FDA Committee Members Reviewing Pfizer Vaccine For Children Have Connections with Pfizer].
  3. These injections have already caused sudden illness and death to young people aged 18-30. This has led to the suspension of mRNA jabs, especially Moderna in several countries. [See Finland suspends Moderna for young people due to increased risk of heart inflammation following vaccination; Germany Suspends Moderna for Under 30s; France Halts Use of Moderna for People Under 30 Years; Iceland stops Moderna use for all ages; Sweden, Denmark pause use of Moderna COVID vaccine for younger age groups due to side effects. It’s not just Moderna but Pfizer also poses the same risk [or worse], read Moderna and Pfizer are prone to blood clots too; Taiwan halts second dose of Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 12-17 years].
  4. There is an increased death toll among 12-17 teens coinciding with the global inoculation campaign, and other kids are falling like flies [see Randy Hillier: Investigate the sudden deaths among young people; Expert Asks FDA: Why are kids “Dropping like Flies” after COVID Vaccine?].
  5. These jabs are unsafe for pregnant women and their babies [see 82% of pregnant women vaccinated during first and second trimesters suffered a spontaneous abortion; Dead Babies in VAERS as Another Study Shows mRNA Shots Not Safe for Pregnant Women].

How can people believe that these vaccines will be safe for the young when it has already injured and killed numerous people?

What future awaits the young if all of them are genetically altered at a very young age?

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