February 28, 2024

Finland suspends Moderna for young people due to increased risk of heart inflammation following vaccination


Finland has joined Sweden, Denmark, and Norway in suspending the use of Moderna for males under 30 years [See Sweden, Denmark pause use of Moderna COVID vaccine for younger age groups due to side effects]. This story was reported by The Associated Press and republished by ABC News last October 8, 2021.

Sweden suspended the use of Moderna for people under 30, Denmark says that it will not offer the vaccine to those aged 18 and below, while Norway recommended the use of Pfizer vaccine for those aged below 30 years.

Like the other Nordic countries, Finland based its decision on an unpublished study conducted by Sweden’s Public Health Agency which says that Moderna shows safety signals leading to “an increased risk of side effects such as inflammation of the heart muscle or the pericardium”.

Editor’s Note: While we are happy to hear that Nordic countries are starting to suspend the use of Moderna among young people, we are surprised that they are focusing solely on this vaccine, when the same safety signals are being shown by Pfizer [see FDA adds heart inflammation warning to Pfizer, Moderna experimental vaccines, EMA finds vaccine link to heart inflammation]. We are also surprised that it took them a long time before finally making this decision when we knew early on that heart inflammation was occuring at a higher rate among young males [see Vaxxed adolescents six times more likely to suffer heart problems than from COVID-19, Israel examines heart inflammation cases after Pfizer shot].

The attached article should be taken as a warning signal for parents. Even if your government tells you that these vaccines are “safe”, the data is showing that it isn’t [see Singapore acknowledges dangers of vaccinating children and teenagers, At least 18 young people develop symptoms of heart problem after COVID injection, Government report shows more than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems]. And even if your government tells you that heart inflammation is not serious, you had better know that there is no proof that it won’t cause long term damage [see Pediatrician says heart inflammation following vaccination looked like kids were having a heart attack].

In fact the evidence suggests that aside from heart inflammation, children stand to develop other illnesses exacerbated by the COVID “vaccine” [see Experimental mRNA vaccines could cause long term chronic illnesses, Study confirms possibility that vaccine recipients will face ADE injuries and deaths, Peer-reviewed research shows mRNA vaccines can cause neurodegenerative diseases, Experimental mRNA vaccines could cause long term chronic illnesses, Scientists Sound Alarm: Vaccines Will Kill Millions].

Are you sure you want to experiment on the future of your children, knowing that they are largely unaffected by COVID? [Also read Physicians For Informed Consent release new documents discussing efficacy and risk of COVID vaccines vs. COVID infection, World’s best scientists and top physicians sign Rome Declaration: Policies by governments may be crimes against humanity].

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